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Mar 19, 2009 09:52 AM

Dinner rec for Saturday night--not too loud please

Hi guys
I'll be in Montreal for the weekend and am open to pretty much any kind of food (French would be nice, but really anything goes). I'll be eating with my parents, my fiance and his parents, who haven't met. The key is finding a place that isn't too noisy, since my dad is hard of hearing and ambient noise can be hard for him.

Any suggestions of places where I might get a reservation on such short notice, that isn't too loud?

Many thanks.

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  1. Raza. You can ask for one of the back tables.

    1. Try L'Ambroisise. The food is not bad but it is a bit dated. (Think '80's or '90's)

      1. Le Jolifou is fairly quiet, yet the food is fun and really good. L'inconnu is a pretty goos spot too as well as le St-Urbain. Appolo could also be an option and it's BYOW.

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          I second l'Inconnu. Cafe Ferreira would be a good choice too, although I cannot vouch about how "quiet" it is.