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Mar 19, 2009 09:31 AM

amazing takeout between USC and LAX?

Tomorrow I will need to pick up a takeout lunch on my way from Exposition Park/USC to LAX. I'll be in a cab and am looking for someplace where I can call in an order and pick it up en route to the airport. My initial plan was Langer's until I realized it was totally out of the way (obviously I'm an out-of-towner!).

Any cuisine -- so long as it's delicious and will hold up pretty well as takeout.


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  1. There is a branch of Togo's on the west side of campus at Vermont -- this is the direction you'd go to LAX. Togo's does sub sandwiches, and they do a good job. Their sandwiches are well-stuffed, made to order, and a good value. I like their hot pastrami the best, but obviously this isn't a good choice for a flight. Maybe the #8, turkey and cold roast beef and cheese. I'd love to be able to suggest Dino's chicken up on Pico or some taqueria, but Togo's is your best bet for convenience, price, value, and easy transport and later eating without mess or too much stink.

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      Thanks. I should clarify: I'll be eating at the airport, not on the plane. Stink is OK; mess, not so much.

    2. Chef Marilyn's Soul Food Express is on Crenshaw, one block south of the 10 Fwy. though on the left side of the street. You'd have to get in line as opposed to calling ahead. Don't know if their 99 cent specials are still in effect--if so, the line could be long. Or if you want to continue down Crenshaw past Jefferson you can go to the Burger Stand which has really great Turkey burgers. Other people like the regular hamburgers, too. Don't let the bulletproof glass freak you.

      1. Phillips BBQ....directly on route to the airport from USC.

        Phillips Barbeque
        2619 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

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        1. re: monku

          too late for you, but if someone else reads this
          definitely. although I'd suggest the leimert park one as closer to the airport route.
          Phillips's-Leimert Park. Phillips's 4307 Leimert Blvd. LA 323/292-7613
          if you call first, you can order in advance and the food will be ready for cab pickup.

          good luck

        2. I'm not so sure that I'd discount Langers as being totally out of the way. Curbside delivery is provided. There's always:

          1. I would opt for Pann's, which is really close to the airport. Either their excellent patty melt or delicious fried chicken, especially their dark meat or wings.

            Another choice would be Dinah's for fried chicken.