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Where to buy a box of cute chocolates or sweets?

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I would like to bring a cute box of chocolates or sweets to a friend's place. I'm looking for something that appeals to kids. Maybe a spring/animal/Easter theme. Close to Bethesda/Rockville would be ideal, but I'm willing to drive a little. Thank you!

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  1. It's not close, but maybe they could work with you by phone/delivery, is the Sugar Cube on N. Lee Street in Old Town, Alexandria. They have great chocolates and a lot of fun offerings.

    1. Kron at Mazza Gallery in Friendship Heights usually as innovative chocolates-- teddy bears included.

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      1. Balducci's might be good for your request.

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          I was thinking balducci's, too... Maybe Trader Joe's?

        2. There is a chocolate place on RT 108 in Olney in the strip center where the movies used to be.

          1. Periwinkle in Chevy Chase DC also has some good sweets.

            1. Check out divinedelights.com -- they are California-based but I have never had anything arrive other than perfectly fresh, perfectly packaged, and perfectly delicious. Their "critters", petit-fours decorated as animals, would be perfect for kids. I used critters as part of a dessert for a very casual rehearsal dinner before my son's wedding this summer and they were a huge hit and have sent them to my 90 years plus mother as well to equal delight.

              1. I like Leonidas (Belgian chocolates), but the shop is in Georgetown. My 2nd suggestion would be Balduccis.

                1. Rodman's has fabulous Easter stuff from Europe and around the world, eggs, bunnies, chicks etc. I go to the one at Friendship Heights but I think there is a Rockvile store too.

                  I just went to the Neuhaus chocolates in Union Station and they have chocolate eggs and bunnies nicely wrapped with bows etc.