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Mar 19, 2009 08:15 AM

Rolly's Bistro in Cranbury

I haven't dined in yet, but I'm enjoying takeout from Rolly's Bistro on 130. I'm excited to try the fresh pasta.

What I've tried so far:

Burger: B+ Delicious. Actually came medium rare, the way I ordered it.

Vegetable Quesadilla: A- Surprisingly filling and tasty. (The guac on the side was mediocre.)

Cheese steak: C+ Came with provolone and American. Not thrilling.

Regular fries: B+ Tasted fresh cut - flavorful - not greasy.

Sweet potato fries: A As good a sweet fry as I've had round these parts.

Parmesan fries: C. Not to my liking. Gritty and odd, with no improvement in flavor.

I think I'm going to wait to dine in to try the fresh pasta, since pasta doesn't seem to hold up well as take out.

I hope this place makes it.

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  1. They are not expensive but are inflexible when it comes to changing anything. I won't return.

    1. My entire office was super-excited for Rolly's to open... we work just north of there on Rt 130 and it's kind of a dining wasteland. Alas, the trend has been "try it once and don't go back." I had a tasty sandwich, turkey/brie/cranberry relish, but the sweet potato fries were inedible - even allowing for a drop in crispness with take-out. Those who have eaten lunch there said it's too loud. So I agree with you, Paul, I hope it makes it, but I don't see any evidence that it will.

      1. My husband went there a couple of months ago, shortly after it opened, with his father...he felt it was overpriced for mediocre food and the waitress was focused on upselling his father for every course (add-ons, etc.). It really rubbed him the wrong way since his father isn't too "with it" sometimes and he felt the waitress was taking advantage of him.

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          1. We were there last night, food and service were very good. I am happy to have this new addition to Cranbury..

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              LOUD. Hit and miss. Service was spot on whenit first opened and then hit a horrible dip for a couple months. While it's improved as of late, it's not our first choice unless we need to d a really quick sit down that's not pizza or chinese. It's literally 3 minutes away.

              The blond hostess however, is, umm, well, 'yum' with a penchant for body hugging tops.