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Mar 19, 2009 08:12 AM

Citron Bistro

I drove by the former Backal's restaurant in Scarsdale last night and noticed that it has been renamed Citron Bistro. Does anyone know anything about this new place?

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    1. Found this in Lohud:
      Bistro Citron Coming to Scarsdale April 21

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      1. re: Jon1856

        Used to be fabulous restaurants, but has gone seriously downhill based upon my, and other poster's experiences of late. Bistro Cassis in Huntington is also part of the group, it used to be our favorite regular place and was reliably fabulous for years. We no longer go at all. Slippage seems to have coincided with expansion, starting with the opening of Brasserie Cassis in Plainview. Service and food have slipped severely and servers are openly acknowledging the chaos. They seem to have given up, too.

        1. re: mcf

          For this location only time and personal exprience will tell.

          1. re: Jon1856

            That's true, but with the severity of the slippage on Long Island, they have so far proven unable to expand while maintaining quality at all. We've been to three of the LI locations, Citron, Brasserie and our one time hands down favorite, Cassis.
            Won't go back unless and until I read that they're taking control and improving the food and service to what it once was.

      2. Does anyone know if this place opened yet? I know it said somwhere April 21st, but wasn't sure if that date came and went.

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        1. re: valerie

          I just called and they are open.

        2. Driving home last night and thought that I would try Bistro Citron even after reading all of the negative comments on the various blogs! Well they were kind in comparison to what went on!!! I went in with my friend and we thought we would get a drink first upon getting to the bar the hostess told me that they were too busy and the bar was closed! There were 15 to 20 people in the bar area and 2 bartenders behind the bar. I was able to convince her that we were only getting drinks and she finally allowed us to stay. But the bartenders were all rookies never served a drink before in addition the beer was warm. There was no management presence anywhere and the place looked worse than it did when it was Heathcote Tavern. So very disappointing that there staff stinks and from the comments of the dinners around us the food is sub par also, as one diner said after waiting over a hour to get 2 hamburgers that were raw this place stinks!!!! RIP BISTRO CITRON.

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          1. re: betterhalf32

            Some times cold openings go very well, and some times they stink.
            When they work out, for the restaurant, it means that they get a small amount of people in and they can work out the kninks as they happen. And they always happen.
            On the other side, if they get mobbed, generally what can go wrong, will go wrong all at the very same time.
            IMVHO, can be very hard to judge a place on opening day exp when not given a chance to work things out.
            And for any place to get "mobbed"(15-20 maybe-maybe not-I was not there) on opening night it is going to be very hard
            to shine.
            As this seems to be your second review on CH-Welcome. I do hope following reviews and experiences are more positive than the two you have posted here.

            And IIRC the only negative comment, here at least, was about other locations.

            1. re: Jon1856

              15 people in the bar is far from mobbed and as far as I am concerned when a rest says we are open and ready to take my money they should be ready and prepared to do business if that is a little negative so be it but I work to hard to get bad service for top dollar. If your not ready to open then maybe you shouldn't!

              1. re: Jon1856

                Location so new that it is not even on company's web sit yet. LOL

                1. re: Jon1856

                  But it's not as if they're new to the business. This restaurant group used to offer top notch food and top notch service with absolute consistency of high quality for many years. They know how to do better and they've focused on expansion while letting quality hit the floor. The new restaurant has a problem; the group's increasingly poor reputation for food quality and service.

            2. Patience, people. Jumping on places opening night is pointless and self-defeating. It's like watching the first episode of Seinfeld and saying, "Eh, this ain't so great."

              Let's give this new restaurant two or three weeks before pouncing and petty complaining.

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