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Mar 19, 2009 08:06 AM

San Giuseppe zeppole vs. sfingi

Sitting here killing time waiting for Danilo Bakery (aka Bao Necci) to open at 9:00 to pick up my yearly zeppole fix and wondering how the competition stacks up. Last year I got sfingi at Victoria and thought they were fine but damn me if I could tell the difference between sfingi and zeppole. Even the lad at Danilo didn't know, and theorized that it could be different nomenclature based on geography rather than ingredients/technique. Any theories? And let's not get caught up in a discussion about how they do or don't celebrate San Giuseppe in Italia.

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  1. Sfingi, IIRC, are more like a crisp fried dough. Sometimes Emporio Rulli has them. I would search, but the new search engine just doesn't work for me at all ... the site doesn't work for me well since they put in the latest upgrade. I have to refresh everything 2-3 times before I can read or post. But if it works better for you, search on rworange, sfingi and there should be some info.

    I had the Danilo zeppole this morning and I say they win the local contest.

    That link also mentions they have a special anise bread for today as well, pasimata