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Mar 19, 2009 08:03 AM

Top Polish in Greenpoint?

Hey all. My friends and I have this little tradition as of late of picking a cuisine, going to its native neighborhood (or transplanted native neighborhood from the Old Country :) ) and doing like 3-4 meals in one pop. It requires great discipline, restraint, and gastro fortitude, but we ultimately have a blast. And it's a great way to find the best in one day.

Anyway, next up on our list is Greenpoint and Polish restaurants. I grew up eating some of this and dancing in my mind are visions of peirogies with svkarki (sp?), duck, naleshniki, black currant juice, etc.

So, you have 3-4 top picks. What would they be?


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  1. lomzynianka is the consensus and my personal favorite. i also REALLY like the white borscht at krowlewski jadlo. it is possibly because they serve it with a side of mashed potatoes with small cubes of slab bacon as a topping. delicious.

    check out this link:

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      So by gleaning from the articles here, I have the following list:

      krowlewski jadlo
      Polska Restyranska

      Probably more than we will actually go to- any suggestions, additions, comments or criticisms of the above? Help me narrow down to the final list!


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        Karczma is a newer place on Greenpoint Ave between Manhattan and Franklin that is done up like a Polish style beer garden - the waitresses were dirndls and it is quite fun.

        I would probably add that to the list and maybe take off Christina's? I haven't tried Pyza and Polska Restyranska but the other two are really good.

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            Karczyma is really good. I wouldn't scratch Christina's off your list, though -- their pierogis are my favorite. (Karczyma's fried version were toooo fried, Christina's just right.)

            There's a tomato-noodle soup at Krowleski Jadlo (sp?) that's really good, too.

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              I never liked christina's. I go to Antek mostly, cuz a polish guy from work likes it. We also go to the slavic center cafeteria, but have decided that antek is better. Sometimes they have cute girls working too, tho it's been a while since I've seen that. I like golumpkis best (spelling).

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                Karzma has a pig hock braised in beer that is worth the trip. It gets crunchy on the outside and is tender in the middle. It is pretty cheap too if I remember.

                You could go on a good bar crawl in the hood when you're done. Pencil Factory and the Diamond are two good bars

              2. re: VeggieBooty

                Isn't Karczma the former Polska Restyranska? I always loved P.R. but last time I went for soup/lunch it was gone and a beer hall looking place instead.

                1. re: Up With Olives

                  yes... the old lady who owned PR still lives upstairs and rents the place to Karczma...

                  it's a more modern sort of polish joint, but still very cheap and w/ a much more interesting menu than alot of the more old school joints... def. worth popping in..

            2. re: isuckatthis

              isuckatthis, I agree on the lomzynianka rec and thanks for that plug of white borscht too, is that also sometimes called "pickle soup"? Can you rec it anywhere else because I really wanna try that soup or, anything else good at krowleski jadlo?

              1. re: bigjeff

                I enjoyed pickle soup at the Ukrainian East Village restaurant once. Dunno what the standard for pickle soup is though.

            3. Some people said to take Christina's off the list, but I can't imagine why. We were there tonight and the food was superb. Delicious crisp potato pancakes, great pierogiis and wonderful goulashes. The decor could be improved, a bit like a coffee shop, but the food was wonderful.

              1. Curious, what other cuisines have you picked. We live in Manhattan and do the same with a few other couples, all the restaurants have to be in the Outer Boroughs. We only go to one restaurant, and so far have done Greek in Queens, Italian in the Bronx, Polish in Greenpoint and Turkish in Queens.
                Looking for suggestions if you have any.

                1. lomzynianka is the best polish in greenpoint. i have been eating homemade delicious polish food my whole life and lomzynianka has some better stuff than my mother makes. but i lie to her when she asks. lomzynianka is very cheap and the pierogies are seriously amazing. my boyfriend is addicted to the polish platter with is 6 dollars and could feed a family of four for dinner.

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                    Lomzynianka does a great Hungarian Pie -- a huge potato pancake topped with goulash. That's the main reason to go there. if you want a Polish Platter (with pierogies, bigos, stuffed cabbage, and keilbasa) Christina's can't be beat. it's bigger, cheaper, and BETTER.