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Mar 19, 2009 07:41 AM

Dallas Help! Need Good Lunch Joint in Plano, near 75

Hi folks in Dallas area, I need some help. We're meeting my father in law for lunch near 75 and George Bush Turnpike. He's not a very adventurous eater (like us), so no sushi and such for him. So, can anyone recommend some good independent (non-corporate) restaurants along 75, near 15th street in Plano, just somewhere near 75 and GB Turnpike area?--Thanks, Chris

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  1. Clarification: it does not have to be right off the 75 or right at the junction of those two highways. Anywhere within 5-10 minutes by car would be fine. Thanks--C

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      Big Easy, just south of Park. Or a buffalo burger at Ye Ole Butcher Shop on 15th.

      1. re: luniz

        Fishmonger's is on the southbound access raod between Park and 15th. It is owned by the same folks as Big Easy. It is a sit down and order type place. Big Easy is counter service. Both have good food. Actually, I prefer Big Easy.

    2. Poor Richards is a pretty good meat and 3 type place. SE corner of Park and Ave K.

      1. sorry...forgot to mention a couple of other places that would fit the bill:

        kelly's eastside:

        Fillmore Pub

        and Vickery opened recently. I haven't been to the Plano location yet, but I've been to one of the others, and it's good. Only open for lunch on the weekends.:

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          yea I second all 3 of jim's recs...I like Poor Richard's more for breakfast (although it gets crowded). At Kelly's they might have the basketball on, the BBQ can be good and they have a decent draught beer selection iirc. Check their website for specials too. At the Fillmore, get the fish and chips or the Guinness burger. Also over near the Fillmore and Kelly's, there's an Arabic place called Sheikh's which is not bad.

        2. Hey Lunis, Plano Rose and Planojim: