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Mar 19, 2009 06:43 AM

Zeppole and Sfinge... ANYWHERE TO GET THEM TODAY?????

I'm looking for the traditional St. Joseph's day pastries (sfinge and zeppole), I know its late to ask...not sure if the north end bakeries do them but I'd prefer something elsewhere in the boston area... anyone know a place????

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  1. Can't help on sfinge - I'd never heard of them before and a bit of googling only comes up with either the Italian word for "Sphinx" or a Moroccan pasty similar to sufganiyot. Which makes sense since it's another frittery item, which seems to be the connection between various St. Joseph's Day pastries.

    In any case, Maria's and Modern in the North End both have excellent zeppole, and Antoine's in Newton also does a creditable job.

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      And since they asked for other places in the Boston Area (being specific would help), other possibilities are the Modern in Medford Square, Roma Bakery in Woburn, and Royal Pastry in Lexington (also in East Cambridge). But call all first to make sure they have what you want.

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        TK do you mean La Sfogliatella- Lobster tails? If so Maria and Modern would both have them.
        Sorry, I can't help with the wider area but I'm sure the gang will have some ideas.

      2. J Pace & Sons in Saugus usually have them this week. If that location works for you, call to ask.

        1. I have Zeppole sitting in my fridge as I type. Got them at Pace's in Saugus.

          Sfingi are fried balls of dough, smaller than arancini, stuffed with a sweet ricotta filling or pastry cream.

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            If you are looking Metro-West area..... Waltham might be closed for you. I have the zeppole from Deminic's Italian Deli on Main Street in Waltham for the past few years. I must say I liked it better than Modern's. From time to time, and especially at Easter, the
            ladies make their own ricotta pie.... get that also when they have it. Another product
            that bests the North End. I personally have never had much luck with Roma Bakery or Royal Pastry... products are just okay, but not what I would go out of my way for.
            Do Domenics !!!!

          2. sorry I wasn't more specific about area.. I work in Brookline Village but I'm headed back to Easton/Brockton area tonight, anywhere thats remotely on my way (or a little out of it as I'm willing to travel far for pastries) would be great.

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              Globe lists the following sources:

              A. Boschetto Bakery 4172 Washington St., Roslindale, 617-323-5702
              Fiore's Italian Bakery 55 South St., Jamaica Plain, 617-524-9200
              Maria's Pastry 46 Cross St., Boston, 617-523-1196
              Mike's Pastry 300 Hanover St., Boston, 617-742-3050
              Modern Pastry, 257 Hanover St., Boston, 617-523-3783 and 20 Salem St., Medford, 781-396-3618;

            2. I'm reporting back regarding the Zeppole from Pace.... and.... although I love Pace in Saugus for most everything, I have to say I did not like the Zeppole today. I had friends in for lunch and for dessert I planned to serve the Zeppoles which I did but But, I was disappointed because the pastry was very dry. The cream was OK but it just didn't measure up to what I've had in the past. I wonder if if I had been able to go into the North End I might have found something better..... Are the times truly a-changin' yet again?

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                I didn't get any this year, but I was a little taken aback when you posted above about having them sitting in your fridge. That would dry them out pretty fast. Some things are best eaten as soon as possible, or at least left at room temperature. I don't think the cream filling would have killed you that fast!

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                  i think refrigerating them was your mistake... that dries out the dough something fierce.

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                    Thanks both of you. They were actually in the fridge just a short time. But that could have been the trouble as you say. I did notice the pastry seemed different, though. Not what I'm used to.