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Mar 19, 2009 06:10 AM

Fun Restaurant for Group- East Village/LES

I am looking for a restaurant for a weekday dinner for 9 people

East Village/ LES ( but can also be in other neighborhoods - just not a pretentious , formal crowd)
Great atmosphere (without it being tooo loud)
Mid price
Friendly warm staff ( who will be willing to sing for us- my friend wants to propose to his gf there and get the waiters to sing "Will You Marry Me" when dessert is being brought out!)
Great food of course
Can accomodate 9 of us

Thanks so much for the recommendations!
I am totally stumped as i eat at home alot

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  1. What do you consider to be "mid price?" Also, what cuisines are of interest? Thanks...It's really sweet of you to help plan this.
    First thing that comes to my mind (w/o your feedback) is Freeman's.

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      I just planned my friends engagement brunch at freemans, they have a great backroom and with a large group they have a prix fix menu (9 might be the limit for a la carte, above that its madatory prix fix). The food is not expensive at all but the cocktails will add up quickly. I can't say that they will sing though, maybe you could have the 7 people who arent getting engaged to sing?

    2. Lil Frankies could be good. How fun!

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      1. re: malibu

        Good luck getting the staff at Lil' Frankies or any other restaurant in the neighborhood to sing for a group. They are waiters not entertainers.

        1. re: malibu

          Ha, agreed, unless it's a death metal version of the song. (which would kinda rule right?) I adore Lil Frankies, and they do big group things in the back room all the time. Maybe bring your own singer.

          1. re: _emilie_

            I think the staff at Lil' Frankies would more likely to do a Alt Rock version, think Sufjan Stevens.

        2. Maybe Lucky Cheng's ladies would sing for you? Unless it closed already? Not sure if it meets the rest of your criteria though (certainly not the noise one).

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          1. re: _emilie_

            No offense to the "ladies" at Lucky Chengs, but if anyone proposed to me there, I would seriously consider other options spouse-wise. Hehe...anyway, I think having your friends do the singing is your best bet, you can rehearse before the big night

            1. re: malibu

              I like Back40, Schillers and Inoteca. Suba is also lovely but not sure if they are still open. We tried making reservations about a month ago and the phone just rang and rang...

              1. re: malibu

                Think of what a great story that would be for the grandkids though! "Dad proposed to me surrounded by singing drag queens over a plate of lo mein... " I would say yes!