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Mar 19, 2009 06:06 AM

Natasha Richardson, Actress, Top Chef Judge, R.I.P.

It was very sad to learn of the untimely death of Natasha Richardson yesterday, following a skiing accident.

Like many others, I last saw her on an episode of Top Chef where she was a judge for the charity event challenge.

She was a class act and will be missed.

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  1. Yes, very sad. I don't think I've seen any of her films so I'm only aware of her from Top Chef and she seemed like a very nice person.

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    1. re: tofuburrito

      She was in the late 90's remake of The Parent Trap. Excellent actress and she seemed like such an elegant and wonderful person.

      1. re: cheesecake17

        i loved her in the Handmaid's tale. so sad.

        1. re: jujuthomas

          She also was in the movie Nell, with Jodie Foster and Liam Nielsen (later to be her husband.) Nell is a lovely story of a young girl who grew up in the mountains and might be a peaceful way to see her for the first time.

      2. re: tofuburrito

        She was in "Nell" with her husband, Liam Neeson (before they got married) and Jodie Foster in the title role. Very good movie; beautifully acted by all.

      3. Glad someone posted this here. I didn't realize she was a Top Chef judge til after she died. Knew her from Broadway and some films.
        Sad. Lovely family.

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        1. re: Firegoat

          She was great on Top Chef- and the thing that stuck out the most for me- was that her dress changed between the meal/appetizers for AMFAR and the judges table. Still red, but far less revealing. I watched the episode twice to be sure.

          RIP and yes I will try and get a helmet on while on the ATV...

        2. It will be bittersweet when Bravo airs that episode during one of their "Top Chef" marathons.
          By all accounts she was a wonderful person as well as a terrifically gifted actress. So terribly sad.

          1. Never seen Top Chef, but i remember her and Alan Cumming from the recording sessions for the Broadway Musical "Cabaret". She was very emotional when the song went well, near tear. Oh maybe it was that she was very emotional that the song went well. Lots of good energy. I'm glad to have documented those times.

            1. And the lesson learned from this tragedy? WEAR A HELMET.

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              1. re: linguafood

                I have to agree with that. It's amazing how quickly a head injury can kill you. As someone who participates in a sport where my head is always at risk (horseback riding) I can't stress the importance of protective headgear enough.

                1. re: Avalondaughter

                  I have to out myself as a rider who hardly ever wears a helmet. Maybe this'll finally convince me...

                  1. re: linguafood

                    If Christopher Reeves didn't convince you, this won't either.

                    They are not sure a helmet would have saved her. Immediate medical attention might have.

                    All that to say, this is a tragedy and unfortunately probably an avoidable one. May she rest in peace and may her family find comfort in her memory.

                    1. re: maisonbistro

                      Christopher Reeves was wearing a helmet. A helmet doesn't protect your neck. There are plenty of cooks who take foolish risks in the kitchen, just as there are riders (I am one) who take foolish risks on the back of a horse.

                      I've seen cooks turn pieces of frying food WITH THEIR BARE HANDS! What's that about? I think that there are just some folks who like to live on the edge.

                    2. re: linguafood

                      Please wear one. I know people who have died from riding head injuries! (Who were good riders and they weren't jumping at the time).

                  2. re: linguafood

                    No! The lesson that should have been learned was to treat every head injury, no matter how seemingly minor seriously! If she had taken the medics advise to go directly to the hospital she could still be alive.