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Mar 19, 2009 05:39 AM

Sonoma or Napa meals

Hello all. On a sort of at-a-whim moment, we (my significant other and I) decided to fly to Senoma and stay at the Renaissance Resort in Sonoma. We will be leaving in about 3 weeks, and would like some recommendations for meals within 20-30 miles of the hotel. Also, some good lunches in the Napa area would be good as well, as we will be touring some of the wineries. In terms of pricing, we are willing to go midhigh to high end and are completely open to all type of cuisine. Just looking for the best the valley has to offer!

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  1. This is a request that rarely comes up but you might try a search of this board for City of Napa, Napa Valley, Sonoma and Sonoma Valley

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      Beg to differ, wolfe, but I'm pretty sure I saw a similar request last May or so.

    2. I like Scopa in Healdsburg a lot, it's one of my favorite restaurants in the 707 and it's relatively inexpensive. The last time we were there, a winery was pouring free samples, and it was a generous pour, and the food was terrific. It's Italian, the chef is from Italy and the front of the house is run (extremely well) by his American wife.

      In Sonoma itself, we really enjoyed El Dorado Kitchen, but it was a special dinner, I haven't been there for the regular menu. Nice dining room in a hotel on the square.

      I can recommend the food tasting at J Winery, you have to ask about it there since I don't think they advertise it. It's a small meal, maybe a mid-afternoon stop if you've had a light lunch, but it pairs wine and small plates. They also don't tell you that they will refill your glass and even give you seconds on the snack if you ask. You might want to walk downtown to Scopa afterwards if you spend enough time in the tasting room. We bring our teenage son as the driver - he gets great food and we get to drink.

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        The chef and owner of Scopa actually grew up in Mendocino Co., both he and his wife are Californians. They both speak fluent Italian and he is a rockstar in the kitchen so I see how he could be mistaken for an Italian;)

      2. Between Napa and Yountville Don Giavonni is a geat restaurant set amongst vineyards. You can eat outside or in. In Napa Angele is very nic, right on the river, again can sit outside or in. If your actually in Yountville, Bottega is very nice both indoor and outdoor seating.Further North just outside of Yountville is Mustards.Then further north in St Helena Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen is good. From Sonoma you can get over to the floor of Napa Valley by taking the Oakville grade about a 20 minute trip from highway 12 to 29.

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          Look's like Mustard's will be closed until May (kitchen fire)

        2. mick mentioned Angele, I second that choice, Also the Napa General Store, just next door to Angele, I've had many good meals there. Kelly's No Bad Days Cafe has great food, and I really love the burgers and beers at the Red Rock BBQ on Lincoln. I live in Napa and these are the places I frequent.

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            How is the bbq at Red Rock? There have been lots of positive reports on the burger there, but not much about the bbq.

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                I've been to Cafe La Haye, and enjoyed it, but it was unremarkable. Pretty small space (but a lot of places in Sonoma are small), good Italian. Far better food than Della Santina. I'm sure that I said I'd eat there again, but I haven't been back.

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                  Red Rock BBQ it aint. Great for a Burger and a beer.