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Mar 19, 2009 04:58 AM

Afandina Mediterranean Restaurant/Take Out East Brunswick NJ

Do not think this is opened yet but passed a new place on Rt 18 East Brunswick NJ - Afandina Mediterranean Restaurant/Take Out. They put out umbrellas so you can dine Al Fresco on Rt 18. If anyone tries it or sees it open in the next few weeks let us all know. Could not find any information on the Internet, no idea if this is just a chain.

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  1. where exactly is it on Rt 18?

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    1. re: yCf

      next to colonial diner. In the same plaza as Franco's Italian Kitchen.

      Also, another Mediterranean place opened up on Main st. in South River next to River Thai too.

      Unfortunately, haven't tried either.

      1. re: RPMcMurphy

        The place in south river is more of a convenience store with a grill behind the counter than a proper restaurant if I am remembering correctly. I didn't order anything so I can't speak for the food..

        1. re: jrd303

          Picked up a menu and fiance talked to the owner today. Seems nice enough, prices seem ok says on the menu but the site is under construction. pretty big selection considering it's just a counter.

          meals are ~9.95 and are served with salad, rice, tahini sauce, and pita bread.

          sandwiches are ~4.95

    2. Don't look as if it's open yet, There is still paper on the windows and I didn't see any chairs or tables. But I pass in front of it twice a day, so I'll be sure to clue you in when it does open.
      Regretfully I don't see a long future in this town.

      1. I just came back from a brief visit to Afandina, They had a soft opening yesterday and this afternoon the parking lot was quite full, Mostly with well wishers from the middle eastern community. The place is quite small and is focused more on basic groceries and canned goods but also has a small bakery counter with some pastries and fresh pitas. The limited menu has meat and vegetarian sandwiches{Falafel,Mjaddarah,Homous} Shish Kobobs,Kofta,Gyros. Nothing costs over $5.99. Tea and coffees are also available but seating is limited to two small bar tables and chairs by the window. I do hope they make a go of it and look forward to trying their menu soon.
        Afandina. 558 Rt 18 North, Next to the Colonial Diner. East Brunswick Nj 08816
        Telephone 732 390 9600. www.

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        1. re: currymouth

          thanks for the update! I need to hit that up this week.

          Any word on a similiar place on Main St. in South River?

          1. re: RPMcMurphy

            I was not aware of that one until jdr303 reported on it, anyway I try to avoid SR as much as possible. The local cops are just a little too motivated for my taste.

            1. re: currymouth

              agree 200% about the cops. Unfortunately, I live here. haha. Just haven't gotten around to main st. since the new place opened.

              I'll hit it up tomorrow and let you guys know.

              1. re: RPMcMurphy

                At the Egyptian Market on Main we had some very cheap, but mediocre gyros.

                1. re: Passadumkeg

                  The bump in this thread just reminded me that I tried Nile Grill on Main st. in South River.....wasn't bad but they forgot my (fiances) pita bread. wasn't great, but wasn't bad.

                  here are some pictures




                  I doubt I'd go back unless for a something quick or some ingredients/cheese, etc. i think that food was over 35$.

                  When we called ahead many things on the menu weren't available, and we were told even for what we ordered, we had to wait an hour at least. I'm kinda ok with that, I get they are a new small shop and can't just sit there cooking up waste if there aren't that many customers.

        2. I stopped in here today. I am not a fan of falafel but those sandwiches were 3.99 and Gyros 4.99. Wish I could be more helpful.

          I did try the Tabbouleh salad which was very good and the most amazing Baklava. They had three types, traditional baklava, a cream filled baklava and a perfect bite Knafeh - shredded fillo dough with pistachio center - Amazing!

          Seems like a family run business. I will definitely be back for the Baklava.

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          1. re: shabbystorm

            If you like baklava there's another Middle Eastern store you might want to try called Al Sahara. It's right off Rt 18 on 516 in the first strip mall on the right if your heading east. The owners sister does all the baking and he usually has a tray of 3 or four different items at the counter. Also gets fresh pita delivered stilll warm with steam in the bag wednesdays and fridays at around 12:30 PM

            1. re: jrd303

              Update...I stopped in last week and didn't see the people I've become familiar with. The desserts are now containerized up front. I'm not sure if they're still homemade and I'm also not sure if they still receive their pita on the same schedule.

              1. re: jrd303

                No worries, after your post a few weeks back stopped by this place since it was close to home.

                Alsahara Grocery - Old Bridge NJ.

                They were such nice people at this grocery, they did have the fresh Baklava you spoke of baked by 'his sister', which was very good, and the containerized stuff as well, which I did not try. Because I was disappointed that Afandina did not have fresh pita, I asked him, and this place does. He gets a shipment 5 days a week. Of course the day I stopped in was late in the afternoon and he was already sold out.

                1. re: shabbystorm

                  I reccomend the breadsticks with everything on them next time you go. They're located in the back adjacent to the pita. So good with hummus though I eat nearly the whole bag before I get them to any. They used to sell their own hummus but I don't beleive they do anymore.

                  A little off topic but so long as we're talking about breads, Lox, Stock, and Deli on Ryders Lane in East Brunswick has a fantastic pumpernickel (weekends only).If I'm remembering right they have two different kinds. One looks like a traditional loaf, The other is tall, square at the bottom then rounded at the top. That's the one I love. There may be one or two loaves left over on Monday but I'm a loon about getting my bread as fresh as possible and think the bread has lost a little by then . There are a tiny amount of slivered walnuts in the bread but they're sliced so thin it's more texture than taste. It has a great twang to it and pairs well with kielbasi (I order the hunter stew from Krakowiak for it. It's only six dollars and it's basically a pile of kraut with slivers of different smoked meats in it and it goes perfectly with this bread when lightly toasted. I'd also stop buy European Provisions in East Brunswick for some mustard, they have a great selection. If you drink beer pick up a bottle of Victory Wild Devil Ale to go with it and you'll be in heaven=)

                  It's also my favorite bread for Tuna with the juice from half a lemon, a palm full of fresh oregano,.1 tsp of old bay, tiny bit of relish, dash of Louisiana Hot sauce and the white from a boiled egg .I add mayo a little at a time till I get the texture I like then use a ton of fresh ground pepper and a tad bit of salt. Lightly toast the bread after rubbing with a fingertip of olive oil and I top with lettuce and slivers of red onion marinated in white vinegar and get a bag of Terra Potpourri Chips for the side. Their sliced thick and super crunchy. I try to stay away from them because I have a tendency to devour the bag,


          2. I'm off today , so after pulling apart the stove and power washing everything, I decided to try the Gyro at Afandina for lunch. At $4.99 it should be a deal. The joint is spotless and tidy, and well laid out and quiet as a tomb at 12.15pm. Not exactly a good sign but they just opened so this is to be expected.I ordered my Gyro but could not see behind the prep counter to see where my Gyro meat was coming from or how it was prepared but lost hope when I saw a barrito like object being toasted in a pannini grill.......Yep that was my Gyro.
            Got it home and marveled at how very tidy and well constructed my Barrito was and weighing in at 11ounces still a good deal along with the pickled carrots and tiny lemon that came along with it.
            Well friends, out of that 11ounces, exactly 2 ounces was generic,dried, and totally tasteless mystery meat and the rest was some of the freshest salad greens ever to be rolled into a floured tortilla, Yes, I said Tortilla, not even a pita.What little Tzatziki sauce there was was totally tasteless and where was the onions?. I have eater Gyros from Greenwich Village to Helsinki Finland and have never come across such a thing.
            I really want this place to thrive but it's not a good sign when I can get a better,tastier and more authentic Gyro at Miami Subs .At the very least they give you real pita bread.