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Mar 19, 2009 04:50 AM

RIP Tapawingo (northern MI)

today's freep has the said, but not unexpected news...

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  1. I just read that. Very sad - I drove 90 minutes to eat there a few years ago (while on vacation in Leelanau). What an excellent restaurant.

    1. What a shame. Tapawingo was just GREAT in every way possible. That's a real loss.

      1. So what is good these days - north of TC. I've read good things about The Cove, La Becasse, Trattoria Funistrada, blu, Nonna’s Ristorante, North
Centennial Inn. Any of it true?

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        1. re: jennyschoenherr

          I don't know about those places, but Rowe Inn is still open.

          1. re: jennyschoenherr

            I had a great meal at La Becasse July '08.
            They have a couple good deals on wine as well.
            Also had an amazing meal in TC at Stella.

            1. re: jennyschoenherr

              La Becasse has always been good as well as Bowers Harber on Mission pointe. The Boat House on the point is perhaps a bit more chow worthy in that it's off the beaten path. If you get a little further North we really enjoy The Walloon Lake Inn.