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Bacon-wrapped (or bacon-y) goodies -- Food Snobs Avert your Eyes!

Ready to get out and grill? Go to the farmer's market, buy a bunch of jalapeños, and make these Bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/20...
I'd use a jalapeño jack and cheddar combination as a filling, too.

Or if you're stuck inside, try these "Circa-1981 Bacon-wrapped Club Crackers with Parmesan & Romano cheese": http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/20...
I think I could eat that whole tray, and then fall into a deep bacon coma. Thank you, Pioneer Woman!

I know of Angels on Horseback http://www.sanfranmag.com/story/winge...
and Devils on Horseback http://www.bighams.com/our-food/canap...

How about this similar "Bacon-wrapped Figs with Snakebite Glaze and Goat Cheese and Thyme Dip" http://www.theotherwhitemeat.com/aspx...

Here's one of my childhood favorites, Clams Casino -- not bacon-wrapped, but "bacon-y". http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/gi...
It made me feel so "grown-up" when I could order the clams casino while out to dinner with my mom and dad. (Does anyone recall "The Hut" in the Buckingham area of Fort Myers, Florida -- back in the day when they had Gary playing the piano?) I also liked Oysters Rockefeller (OK, not bacon-y, but danged good, while I'm at it!). http://www.gumbopages.com/food/app/er...

oh! Bacon and Boursin Cheese Puff Pizza: http://www.theotherwhitemeat.com/aspx...

What are some of your favorite bacon-y appetizers?

(*** This thread in honor of the recent "Porkulus" Bill).

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  1. Mom always made bacon wrap water chestnuts, the crunch is awesome. And bacon wrapped scallops. I love to do bacon wrapped chicken chunks (I had it once in Boston's Fanuel Hall and been making it ever since) - you skewer big chunks of chicken that is wrapped in bacon - maybe like 5 to a skewer!

    I really love bacon wrapped shrimp too.

    1. My BF has been nagging be to make him some jalapeño poppers. I think I'll surprise him with the bacon-wrapped. These look so much easier and less time consuming than the mix a filling, stuff, dip in egg, dip in bread crumbs, refrigerate, and then bake. Thanks for the idea!

      And I could live on this bacon wrapped figs.

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        you know, viperlush, that snakebite glaze with the fig recipe might be a neat dip for the poppers! mmm, maple syrup and cayenne! sweet, hot, salty! awesome.

      2. I just had another idea: add some well-blotted pickled jalapeño slices underneath the bacon wrap in that "circa 1981" recipe. <i'm getting so hungry>

        1. Another bacon thread! It think bacon has pulled ahead of pizza for frequency of topics.
          I would add cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. Easy and tasty.

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            i didn't want those circa-1981 bacon-wrapped crackers to get lost in some other bacon thread. plus, we gotta keep updating! and this one is related to appetizers. once a thread goes "cold", sometimes it is good to start a new one; then again, sometimes it is ok to "bump" one out of obscurity.

            plus, look at this search: http://search.chow.com/search?query=t...

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              I don't find that the "title:X" does anything. Certainly doesn't look in just the title.
              This works: http://search.chow.com/search?query=%...
              I don't want the Chow computers to have a meltdown looking for just pizza or bacon.

          2. Rumaki. Wrap marinated chicken livers and water chestnuts in bacon.

            1. It's funny this thread came up! I'm just planning a dinner where all the appetizers have bacon.

              My dear hubby introduced these to me when we first met -- bacon wrapped breadsticks. He would take a fat breadstick, wrap a slice of bacon up the stick (diagonally), then microwave the whole thing until the bacon was crispy. The fat from the bacon soaks into the breadstick, making the whole thing crispy and salty. I've since "upgraded" the recipe a bit to be pancetta wrapped around grissini, but the effect is pretty much the same -- crispy, salty, porky goodness.

              1. Oh alkapal, you got my juices flowing! If I can't have clams with bellies, give me bacon any day!

                I need to save this thread to favorites!

                One of my favorites is lightly blanched aspargus spears that are wrapped in partially cooked bacon and then finished off in the oven with a balsamic/garlic glaze.

                Also, the popover treat menioned elsewhere workes nicely with bacon, mushrooms, onion and cheese

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                  i wrapped small bundles of skinny asparagus with bacon and roasted in a separate pan with my chicken in the oven tonight. i needed to put them under the broiler, imo. too lazy to make the snakebite glaze -- cause i couldn't find the maple syrup. i think it would've been "too much."

                2. For the truly porky overload. We like to take Little Smokies cocktail weenies, wrap them individually in bacon, top with brown sugar and bake until crisp. So good and so porkalicious.

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                    The bacon wrapped jalapeno's are fantastic and have been in the BBQ community for years. The recipe calls for smaller pieces of bacon, try using half a piece or a whole piece. During cooking the bacon shrinks and will sometimes fall off if it is cut too small.

                    The person who wrote the recipe at the end also states that you should make more than you think you need. She is 100% right, we serve these at our restaurants on fridays and can go through several hundred of them in less than half an hour.

                    This is absolutely a must do for the home cooking enthusiast - smoke them.

                    1. re: bookwormchef

                      We've always called those heart attacks. They're occasional treats that my kids devour way too quickly.

                      1. Why haven't I ever seen bacon wrapped mac and cheese bites? What about bacon wrapped buffalo wings? Bacon wrapped cheetos? Bacon wrapped corn dogs? Bacon wrapped hard boiled eggs? I think we've just scratched the surface of bacon wrapped foods.

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                          actually, I don't know if there is a surface to this, I prefer to try to think of foods that would not work with bacon. Still haven't thought of one yet though. Bacon wrapped in bacon is nice, used to have a chef that made me bacon rosettes for my steaks. Also if you haven't had a chance look up pig candy, which is bacon with a candy coating on it you make in your bbq, insanely good. When I make it for people they look at me like I am just a moron...I turn my back and it's ALWAYS gone before I get back....

                          1. re: BusterRhino

                            The Sweet Potato Queens have a recipe for pig candy. Dip bacon in brown sugar and broil until crisp.

                            Option ~~ add chopped pecans

                            1. re: alkapal

                              I was thinking of combining it all into one--that bacon weave, around a hotdog wrapped in mac and cheese. Cook, dip in corn dog batter and deep fried.

                              1. re: chowser

                                wow, chowser, you *are* creative! Don't you ever let those food snobs put you down.

                          2. I really love those bacon wrapped jalepeno poppers from pioneer woman. They always fly off the plate at parties. Though I've found if you miss a few seeds around these parts it will make grown men cry! =)

                            1. baconbaconbacon!

                              this site i just discovered this morning. lots of good ideas: http://baconbaconbacon.tumblr.com/arc...

                              mini bacon corn dogs: http://baconbaconbacon.tumblr.com/pos... (these may be the jumping-off point for my previously-conceived "straw dogs" (cole slaw enclosed in the dogs before they're battered-up).

                              here is the manifesto for the chicago baconfest -- coming in october '09: http://baconfestchicago.com/page5/pag...

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                              1. re: alkapal

                                Love sweet and salt combo's with bacon. I second Scargods date wrapped bacon bites.
                                I also do fresh pineapple chunks wrapped in bacon and grilled.
                                And with lots of asparagus available, asparagus spears wrapped in bacon.

                                1. re: waytob

                                  Briefly mentioned was scallops. RE, sweet and salt: The sweetness of a scallop goes great with bacon! I've cooked it before, on the grill. I think if I were doing it again I would partially cook the bacon before I wrapped it around the scallop- so the scallop wouldn't get overcooked.

                                  1. re: Scargod

                                    I have had the same problem (undercooked bacon means overcooked scallop) and have noticed that Panchetta works even better

                              2. I stuff shrimp with finely chopped broccoli mixed with ricotta and swiss, wrap in bacon and grill. I'm sure I added garlic too. Got raves everytime.

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                                    Nope, raw broccoli, chopped up pretty good, mash with ricotta and grated swiss, or other cheese. Butterfly shrimp, use 1 TB inside, then wrap and toothpick closed. Hey, I just used toothpick as a verb!!

                                1. the best is PORK-ON-PORK :D
                                  mini-brats or cut-up brats wrapped with half a strip of bacon, dusted with a mixture of chili powder and soft brown sugar, and placed in a medium oven until everything caramelizes.

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                                    wow! you ARE a madkittybadkitty. ;-). love it! <mad as in CRAAAZY cat>

                                  2. What's not gourmet about bacon? Julia Child uses it by the cartload . . .

                                    Anyhow, my favorite is bacon wrapped dates that have been stuffed with parmesan. It's actually featured on the menu at A.O.C. Restaurant in Los Angeles. Here's a recipe:


                                    These are to die for!