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Mar 19, 2009 04:26 AM

Bacon-wrapped (or bacon-y) goodies -- Food Snobs Avert your Eyes!

Ready to get out and grill? Go to the farmer's market, buy a bunch of jalapeños, and make these Bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers:
I'd use a jalapeño jack and cheddar combination as a filling, too.

Or if you're stuck inside, try these "Circa-1981 Bacon-wrapped Club Crackers with Parmesan & Romano cheese":
I think I could eat that whole tray, and then fall into a deep bacon coma. Thank you, Pioneer Woman!

I know of Angels on Horseback
and Devils on Horseback

How about this similar "Bacon-wrapped Figs with Snakebite Glaze and Goat Cheese and Thyme Dip"

Here's one of my childhood favorites, Clams Casino -- not bacon-wrapped, but "bacon-y".
It made me feel so "grown-up" when I could order the clams casino while out to dinner with my mom and dad. (Does anyone recall "The Hut" in the Buckingham area of Fort Myers, Florida -- back in the day when they had Gary playing the piano?) I also liked Oysters Rockefeller (OK, not bacon-y, but danged good, while I'm at it!).

oh! Bacon and Boursin Cheese Puff Pizza:

What are some of your favorite bacon-y appetizers?

(*** This thread in honor of the recent "Porkulus" Bill).

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  1. Mom always made bacon wrap water chestnuts, the crunch is awesome. And bacon wrapped scallops. I love to do bacon wrapped chicken chunks (I had it once in Boston's Fanuel Hall and been making it ever since) - you skewer big chunks of chicken that is wrapped in bacon - maybe like 5 to a skewer!

    I really love bacon wrapped shrimp too.

    1. My BF has been nagging be to make him some jalapeño poppers. I think I'll surprise him with the bacon-wrapped. These look so much easier and less time consuming than the mix a filling, stuff, dip in egg, dip in bread crumbs, refrigerate, and then bake. Thanks for the idea!

      And I could live on this bacon wrapped figs.

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      1. re: viperlush

        you know, viperlush, that snakebite glaze with the fig recipe might be a neat dip for the poppers! mmm, maple syrup and cayenne! sweet, hot, salty! awesome.

      2. I just had another idea: add some well-blotted pickled jalapeño slices underneath the bacon wrap in that "circa 1981" recipe. <i'm getting so hungry>

        1. Another bacon thread! It think bacon has pulled ahead of pizza for frequency of topics.
          I would add cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. Easy and tasty.

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          1. re: Scargod

            i didn't want those circa-1981 bacon-wrapped crackers to get lost in some other bacon thread. plus, we gotta keep updating! and this one is related to appetizers. once a thread goes "cold", sometimes it is good to start a new one; then again, sometimes it is ok to "bump" one out of obscurity.

            plus, look at this search:

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              I don't find that the "title:X" does anything. Certainly doesn't look in just the title.
              This works:
              I don't want the Chow computers to have a meltdown looking for just pizza or bacon.

          2. Rumaki. Wrap marinated chicken livers and water chestnuts in bacon.