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Mar 19, 2009 03:59 AM

Question about California Pizza Kitchen

Hey everyone-
So my family and I are going to CPK on Sat and I had a question about the sizes of their pizza: do they come in personal or are they meant to share. My family and I have all different tastes so it would be best if we all order our own pizza---but if CPK only has large than thats just too much pizza--even for a doggie bag. Im asking this bc the website doesnt mention anything about sizes. Also, do they have a small house salad? And which one of their pizza is your fav---I was thinkin about gettin the Vegeterian Japanese Eggplant.


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  1. The pizzas are sized for one person to eat, but if you get multiple pizzas why not share?

    The salads come in full and half sizes, but they are priced to get you to order the full-size versions.

    We haven't had their pizza in years -- we always get salads. But I think it's pretty good.

    1. Absolutely love the bbq chicken pizza....its a classic and always comes out good. The thai chicken pizza is also pretty darn good. I find they are a little big for one person tho...

      1. I love the Goat Cheese w/Roasted Peppers Pizza, on Honey Wheat dough. I also like their Roasted Vegetable Salad. I try to eat more veggies, so I usually don't order anything with meat. My son likes their Pepperoni Pizza, and I think there's a Sausage one he likes too.

        You can split a pizza and salad, and also an app if you're really hungry, and it won't break the bank.

        1. definitely share a few pizzas.

          i like the bbq chicken, jerk chicken, and roasted garlic and chicken pizzas. people always say good things about the thai pizza - but i've never had it. i would definitely get a "non traditional" pizza rather than pepperoni or something like that (margharita, etc.) b/c this place specializes in california pizza - not ny pizza. so, i think the traditional flavors are disappointing. it's a place to try something new.

          the original chopped salad is very good as is the bbq chicken salad. you could get these too and share the larges.

          i know it's a chain - but i like it. i rarely get to eat it b/c my so is not a fan of ca-pizza. hope you have a good time.

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            Love love LOVE the Thai pizza! The sweetness of the mango really compliments the spiciness of the thai chicken. Not that it's really spicy.....but oh so good! :)

          2. I have eaten there in a while but I used to really their japanese eggplant pizza and their thai chicken pizza. I used to be obsessed with their bbq chicken salad (go for LF balsamic dressing instead of the ranch), and I also liked the Singapore shrimp rolls.

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              We got the Singapore shrimp rolls last week. The rolls were very good, but the dipping sauce was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO salty. A little goes a long, long way.