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Mar 19, 2009 12:17 AM

Patio restaurant in L.A. or S.F. Valley for June Shower

Looking for a mid-priced restaurant with a pretty patio or pvt. rm. in Los Angeles or The Valley with a traditional Sunday brunch menu that can accommodate 40 women for a baby shower. Any suggestions?

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  1. I have seen baby showers at 26 Beach Restaurant, I have no idea what they charge. Congratulations!

    1. min was on the patio at lilly's french cafe on abbott kinney. it was lovely. the do a three course prix fixe.

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      1. re: woofer

        Lilly's was actually my first thought, although I wasn't sure if they could accommodate 40.

        1. re: Nicole

          i had about 20 ladies and that was at one long table so i'm pretty certain they can accomodate 40.

      2. I just mentioned this place in an earlier post with a similar question. I really like Ca del Sol in the valley, on Lankershim. They have a very pretty private patio in the back, and the food is very good. I've been to a couple of private parties was a brunch....and both events were lovely.

        1. i'd check with Chez Mimi for their patio -- pretty and perfect for June.

          i was also going to suggest Lilly's as well.

          1. Cliff's Edge in Silverlake would be nice.

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            1. re: djdebs

              That was my first thought too. Cliff's Edge has a large, beautiful patio. Perfect for a shower. Though you may want to check the prices (not on the website) to see if they meet your definition of mid-priced.

              Edendale Grill, on the other side of Silverlake, would be another good option too.

              Or in Venice, Rose Cafe might work as well.

              1. re: wutzizname

                Actually, I just remembered that I went to a very nice event at the Rose Cafe patio, although it was evening and the restaurant was closed to the public. This might be a good reasonably priced option.