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Mar 18, 2009 10:58 PM

Chicago-style pizza in New Haven - does it exist?

Hey everyone,

I know this is extremely sacrilegious, but I'm wondering if there are any Chicago-style deep dish pizza places in the general New Haven area (read: basically the entire state of CT. I'm willing to go pretty far out of my way). I know there are Unos out there, but c'mon, I'm talking local restaurants who are risking life and limb around these parts by cranking out thick, sloppy cheese pies with tomato sauce on top. This isn't me passing judgment on New Haven pizza, which is great. This is me being me, a guy who enjoys many kinds of pizza, and yes, occasionally pines for what maybe can't be had. I've been to Sicilia's in Providence, and anything like their stuffed pizza would be just perfect. So what do you have for me? Does it exist?


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  1. All I can say is, "WHY?" hit the nail on the head - sacreligious!!

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      From what I have read, it seems common practice to spell out exactly how you want a pizza made at the better places in New Haven. I really get the impression that if you asked for a "pepperoni pizza" and said nothing more you'd get a burnt bottomed pizza with a light wipe of sauce and nothing more than pepperoni.
      Thus, couldn't you could ask for thick, undercooked with triple sauce and double everything else. Sound possible/passable?

    2. To my knowledge, there is no real Chicago style pizza in Connecticut (Uno's being the closest thing). Even as someone who grew up on New York style and now eats an awful lot of New Haven style, I really wish there was some great Chicago style around. The only two styles of pizza I just don't get are Greek and Sicilian, but to each their own.
      Since I don't think you can find it anywhere, I have two alternate recommendations:
      Make one yourself. Unlike a thin crust pizza, your regular old home oven gets hot enough for a Chicago style pizza. The dough, being made with fat, is a lot easier to make. I'm not a baker at all, but I nailed Chicago pizza on my first try.
      A lot of Italian bakeries and Italian food purveyors make a product (mostly around Easter) called pizzagaina. It's not at all the same thing as a deep dish pizza, but it is vaguely similar and hits that same "I need a mess of meat and cheese in a thick fatty pie" spot.

      1. I asked something similar a while back, and Vito's was the only thing that came up. I did eventually get over to Wethersfield and give it a try. Very tasty, but there's only 3 kinds they make: meat, veggie, and combo. I tried a large combo and a small veggie. They were both great, although not exactly what I was looking for. It's the stuffed type of deep dish pizza, where there's a bunch of sauce, cheese, and toppings inside, then another crust on top with more cheese. Definitely fork and knife material, though. There was some nice caramelized cheese around the outside edge of the crust similar to a few places in Chicago that add cheese around the edge of their deep dish pies. Overall, it was very good, a nice change of pace from my usual diet of thin pizza. A large would easily feed 3-4 hungry adults, and a small is enough for 2.

        Thread (where I forgot to post on the pizza) is at

        The pizzas are down towards the bottom of the menu page at

        1. Lena's pizza in Hartford on Park St near the west hartford border has two pies onec called stuffed meet and the other called stuffed vegie that are the closes thing to a substantially thick piece of pizza. I would not call it Chicago but it will satisfy cravings for thick, fatty and delicious. I have never ordered a whole pie I have only eaten it by the slice at the restaurant. Give it a try. You will not regret it.

          1. Not only does Chicago style pizza not exist in New Haven, but you cannot find it in CT.

            There was a place in West Norwalk back in the early 80's (long before Pizzeria Uno) called "My Pi" that specialized in this type of pizza, but that place closed over a decade ago.

            Sorry, it just doesn't exist in CT.