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Mar 18, 2009 07:46 PM

Source for dressed pig?

Hey all, I'm looking to purchase a fully dressed whole pig for an outdoor roast-on-a-spit. I did a 40-lb lamb for my birthday last year and it was a fabulous success, considering it was my first attempt at that sort of thing. I got the lamb from a butcher out in Falls Church. However, I think (but am not certain) he was a halal (Muslim) butcher so I'm not sure he'd carry pigs. I'll check with him, but if he doesn't, does anyone here have a source for such a beastie?

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  1. I'm not up to the task of roasting my own pig, so I'm having Cafe Pampanguena in Rockville spit-roast one for me.

    If you call them, they might let you know where they get theirs.

    1. Give Laurel Meat Market a call, they might be able to source one for you.

      1. Union Meat

        call at least a week ahead and specify what you want remaining on the carcass (hey some people want the head and trotters. heck, some want the organs)

        (edit) parking is a major pain on the weekend and I assume you're not going to attempt hauling a pig out to VA on Metro, although that could be a fun story.

        1. If you're up for a nice ride, try Horst Meats in Hagerstown, MD.

          We purchase 4-6 whole hogs (slaughtered and cleaned) yearly for the freezer, at excellent prices, as well.

          1. El grande in springfield will sell you one.