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Source for dressed pig?

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Hey all, I'm looking to purchase a fully dressed whole pig for an outdoor roast-on-a-spit. I did a 40-lb lamb for my birthday last year and it was a fabulous success, considering it was my first attempt at that sort of thing. I got the lamb from a butcher out in Falls Church. However, I think (but am not certain) he was a halal (Muslim) butcher so I'm not sure he'd carry pigs. I'll check with him, but if he doesn't, does anyone here have a source for such a beastie?

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  1. I'm not up to the task of roasting my own pig, so I'm having Cafe Pampanguena in Rockville spit-roast one for me.

    If you call them, they might let you know where they get theirs.

    1. Give Laurel Meat Market a call, they might be able to source one for you.

      1. Union Meat

        call at least a week ahead and specify what you want remaining on the carcass (hey some people want the head and trotters. heck, some want the organs)


        (edit) parking is a major pain on the weekend and I assume you're not going to attempt hauling a pig out to VA on Metro, although that could be a fun story.

        1. If you're up for a nice ride, try Horst Meats in Hagerstown, MD.

          We purchase 4-6 whole hogs (slaughtered and cleaned) yearly for the freezer, at excellent prices, as well.

          1. El grande in springfield will sell you one.

            1. BK Miller in Clinton MD will sell you one.

              1. Huesmann, believe it or not most decent sized supermarket chains will provide that sort of thing through a special order.

                I'm also sure that you can get it through a specialty butcher shop, like the Halal Meats place on Rockville Pike (just up the street from Congressional Plaza).

                If all else fails, call the Canales Meats store in Eastern Market in D.C.. I've never seen anything that they can't get ahold of.

                1. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

                  1. OK. So I bought a pig at Laurel Meat Market for my roast. I had two issues:

                    1) The pig was a lot bigger than I had hoped. I'd hoped for something around 80 lb, but it came in at 129. Now, I realize that they may be at the mercy of their suppliers, but you'd think that you'd be able to order a certain size pig.

                    2) The pig was frozen. I don't know what the issue is with this, but if a customer tells you they need the pig on Day X, shouldn't they expect it to be thawed out?

                    However, despite those issues, and some mechanical issues, the roast came off successfully.