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Mar 18, 2009 07:23 PM

Any good restaurants in Lethbridge?

Going to Lethbridge this weekend. Does anyone know of any good restaurants there? I have been disappointed in the past going there.

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  1. I'm with you. You might try the Slice Bar and Grill if you're into the music scene at all (their pizzas look good) and, judging by your username, you may be.

    The restaurant in the old water tower has a great view, but it's a Ric's Grill, so the food...well, it's got a great view.

    1. There is a great NEW Indian resto in DT China Town, the name escapes mr right now..easy to find because China Town is only about a block long and its the only Indian place on the street.
      Copied form the Lethbridge Herald:
      Tut moved to Calgary from his native India 18 years ago and has spent the past 10 years operating the Tandoori Hut restaurant in Cowtown. But he has long dreamed of moving south to set up another restaurant. For the past two years, Tut and his family visited Lethbridge regularly in search of a home and an ideal place to open a business. Not until he found a properly available for rent at 312 2 Ave. S. did he finally decide to make the move.
      “Lots of people told me it would be good if we could open an Indian restaurant here. So we thought we would try it,” says Tut.
      He completely renovated the building, giving it an exotic East Indian feel, and stocked the kitchen with a variety of Punjabi cuisine.