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Mar 18, 2009 07:18 PM

Spanish Market RI Area

Does anyone know of a good Spanish market in the RI area? I'm looking to get some good Spanish olive oil and some piquillo peppers!

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  1. I've just moved from hartford to the RI border and am looking for the same type of market. I haven't been able to find anything just yet. I'm guessing my best bet it in Groton or New London. I'll post when i come across something of value.

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    1. re: Lausten14

      If you're talking about New London CT, there's a good Hispanic market right along I-95 called C-town, but I wouldn't call it Spanish by any means. How much of an overlap is there between Spanish and Portuguese groceries? If so, you could look in East Providence or Fall River for supplies, but I don't know enough about either to recommend a grocer.

      1. re: thinks too much

        I'm in E.P. and while there's a few Hispanic markets near Pawtucket, I haven't run across any Spanish markets yet. Most of the home-cooked Portuguese food around here seems to be influenced by the Azores from what I've seen, which I believe is different from mainland Portugal. I'm leaning more toward the Basque region now, but I'm sure there's quite a few similarities between western Spain and Portuguese cuisine. Not sure if piquillo is used at all in Portugal, though.

        1. re: dcaparco

          That's a really good point the what's referred to as Portuguese is more Azorean than Continental. And depending on who you talk to, there was a sizable chunk of Cape Verdians 25 years ago too who'd identify themselves as Portuguese too.