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Mar 18, 2009 05:54 PM

Vegan doughnuts @ Pepple's Donuts; Vegan chocolates @Coracao Confections; Vegan pizza @ Pizza Plaza - East Bay

Anyone try them, sounds interesting.

Pizza Plaza for Vegan pizza, Oakland
Pepple's doughnut for vegan doughnuts, West Oakland
Coracao Confections - vegan chocolates, Emeryville

East Bay Express article:

Pizza Plaza
6211 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, CA

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  1. It looks like People's Donuts moved from Berkeley to Oakland and changed their name.

    I can't imagine they are different. If not, I'd sue if I was People's Donuts.

    I like them. Some people don't. There's reports in the Place. link. Tried to add a link for Pepple';s, but it seems yet another thing is broken due to site enhancements. I'm not going to waste my time reporting this no longer works because it won't get fixed. What's the point.

    Pepples Donuts
    6037 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA 94608

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    1. re: rworange

      I love People's donuts, which used to be carried by Rainbow grocery but not any longer. That's quite a mystery about vs. They both have the same distribution (Ritual Roasters, etc.) but is registered and hosted by people who live in Pheonix, AZ.

      Now that I know where to buy them again, maybe I need to do some comparison tasting between Dynamo and People's donuts. My few Dynamo samples so far have been good, but didn't strike me as way better than People's. I generally think Vegan baked goods are an utter waste of time, but donuts are really just refined flour, sugar, and fat, so it matters less whether the source is animal or vegetable...

      1. re: rworange

        Yes! Its us, still, Pepples=Peoples. Thanks for liking our donuts. We moved a year ago, we started at the Eclair Bakery in Berkeley but they are now closed. We are planning on opening a retail outlet in Oakland, 54th & San Pablo Avenue.

        1. re: pepples_donuts

          Loved the Coracoao confections. And I am not vegan. They sell @ Whole Foods Oakland. I like d all the truffles I tried but the Coconut one pushed it over for me. And they were really pretty. :)

          More vegan coco:
          Looks too new age, tastes great!

          I love pizza pazza. Especially since the slices are freshly made! I go veggie there all the time.

      2. I had one of their donuts at Philz and it was inedible. Between me and my donut-loving child, we couldn't even finish half of one donut before it was tossed.

        1. Whole Foods in SF on 4th sells People's Donuts, as do a few cafes along Upper Haight.

          I love Pizza Plaza--too bad it's in Oakland and not SF! My fave by far is the veggie Hawaiian. Pineapple and faux ham-yum:)

          1. Wow, thanks for the recs! I had heard of Pizza Plaza from the Ethical Pizza blog. Will be sure to hit that up.

            Can anyone compare People's Donuts to Dee's Donuts in L.A.? We have some awesome vegan junk food in L.A. but I like seeing SF's spin on things.

            There's also this vegan hoagie place in Oakland I read about somewhere, with free wi-fi, but I can't remember the name. I wanted to try that place as well.