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Mar 18, 2009 05:19 PM

Passover Ketchup and oil

Are they bringing Osem Ketchup for passover? Where?
By the way, I saw safflower oil Kp. Much healthier than cottonseed oil. The margarine in blocks, no choice. It is cottonseed.

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  1. safflower oil Kp-
    could you say what brand it is and where you saw it?
    thanks. that's high on my list of items to locate for Passover.

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    1. re: LeahB

      I bought Hollywood Safflower Oil (Chof K- Passover) at I&D Glatt in West Hempstead. I believe that I also saw it in Brach's in Lawrence.

      1. re: Lissy63

        do not look in the pesach area-it is in the regular oil section

        1. re: koshergourmetmart

          Thank you both for two good hints. I won't be in Long Island, but I will scour Westchester/Monsey for chof K-Passover Hollywood Safflower Oil--possibly health food stores with recent shipments. thanks again.

    2. Extra virgin olive oil with a regular OU doesn't need a special Pesach hechsher; that's certainly available everywhere. Nothing wrong with safflower oil, but olive oil is certainly considered a healthy oil.

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      1. re: queenscook

        have you ever tried baking desserts with extra virgin olive oil? I agree on the health issue, but I cannot imagine the strong taste on my pesach baking.

        1. re: mrotmd

          No, for desserts I use a lighter oil (generally the light olive, though I have used walnut), but the original question didn't specify that s/he was looking for oil to bake with. For cooking, I think it's just easier to pick up any old bottle of OU extra-virgin olive oil (Trader Joe's, for ex.); generally cheaper than the stuff sold specifically for Pesach, and far easier to find, rather than go through the trouble LeahB referred to--"scour Westchester/ Monsey for chof K-Passover Hollywood Safflower Oil--possibly health food stores with recent shipments." My point was just that it's unnecessary to look very far for kosher for Pesach oil, if it's for cooking. For baking, yes, I agree--a lighter tasting oil is more desirable.

          1. re: mrotmd

            RE Virgin Olive Oil in Baking: I have baked olive oil genoise for years. A few years ago I devised a pesach genoise cake using olive oil and it was delicious. i tried 1/2 cake meal and l/2 potato starch and one version with just cake meal. The version without potato starch is denser, moister and keeps better. The reason I think olive oil genoise works is that the recipes I've used call for lemon and/or orange juice and zest. This neutralizes any olive taste. This year, since I'm vegan, I'm going to give the recipe a try using vegan egg substitute. I'm not optimistic, without yolks, it might be too dry; but a chocolate version might work.

        2. Is grapeseed oil also a good choice?

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          1. re: Bzdhkap

            Grapeseed oil is the choice for sautein because of the high smoke temperature. It is healthier than cottonseed oil.

          2. what I don't understand is one of the brands of oil Brachs is selling they had two varieties, one said "Cottonseed oil" the other "Vegetable oil" but if you looked at the ingredients of the "vegetable oil" it said 100% cottonseed oil.. can anyone explain the difference (other than the labels)

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            1. re: berel

              I would assume they are trying to appeal to consumers that know that cottonseed oil is considered an unhealthy oil, while "vegetable" oil SOUNDS like it's healthier.

              1. re: queenscook

                Never assume...

                This plays off the opinion of some, that cottonseed is considered Kitniyos. Either way, it's dishonest, as by labeling it only "vegetable" oil, they hope to fool the people who would not buy it if it said "cottonseed".

              2. re: berel

                They were out of the "Vegetable oil". I asked one of the workers there just what is "Vegetable oil" he said "Cottonseed oil" so I bought the one that was on sale.

                1. re: MartyB

                  i have done olive oil in chocolate mousse (courtesy NY Times several years ago) Otherwise I use the hollywood brand safflower oil