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Mar 18, 2009 05:04 PM

Dinner Saturday night in or near the City of Brea

Hello all, my wife and I are driving out to the city of Brea Saturday night to go to an art gallery opening. If you're not sure where that is (I certainly wasn't), it's where the 57 and 90 freeways cross just south of the 10. That's a long shlep from Downtown LA just to spend an hour in a art gallery. So I thought it'd be nice to have dinner somewhere in the area or along the way that I might never normally go to because of the distance. We'll be taking the 10 so one thought was to stop at the amazing tiki joint, Bahooka's on the way. Only for a drink since the food is pretty bland. We're open to anything, but it's not so much about the food being the best, more about it being a fun destination since this is practically a road trip.

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  1. There are some places listed here to get you started: -- late night dessert or coffee in brea?

    If the gallery is at the City, then you're adjacent to the mall and Taps is < 1 mi away, so all the restaurants mentioned in the above link are fairly close. You've got a lot of chains nearby, so your best non-chain bet would be Taps in Brea. Other thoughts include El Farolito (Placentia) for great homestyle Mexican, Rutabegorz (Fullerton) for a coffeehouse restaurant (they have delicious salads, soups & sandwiches, among other things). Other ideas include Lizarran for Spanish tapas (and a lively downtown Fullerton atmosphere). My sister likes Summit House, but I haven't been in over 10 years; others on this board seem to like their prime rib.

    EDIT: Downtown LA to Brea can be done in <30 min in no traffic (unlikely even on weekends now) going down the 5. There have been a couple reviews about Mexican places (depending on which route you take) that might work for you. -- REVIEW: La Chiva Loca, South Gate -- REVIEW: Yxta Cocina Mexicana, Downtown

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      Taps looks very interesting, I think that will fill the bill. Thakns for the advice!

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        Second the Taps rec- has decent microbrewed beers, menu is solid and appeals to all tastes. Large sports bar on one side if you want to keep up on March Madness. They have live entertainment sometimes which can really be quite loud (the restaurant has high ceilings, so loud sound really does carry), but if you're going for a fun destination in the area, this should fit the bill.