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Mar 18, 2009 04:18 PM

Toaster oven query

I am thinking of buying a toaster oven, an appliance I have never owned or used, ever. The reasons I want to buy one are so i can toast more than 2 slices of bread at a time and so I can do small baking jobs without heating up the kitchen (such as toasting nuts, or roasting garlic.)

I checked Bed Bath and Beyond today and found 2 Cuisinarts which might fit the bill. I wonder if any Chowhounds out there own either model. What do you think of them? The 2 models I am interested in are: Model # TOB-60 and Model #TOB-195. I am leaning toward the first and least expensive. This is the model with dials on the side, not the model with the touchpad controls below.

I wonder if the convection works well, if the oven gets hot enough underneath to scorch my laminate countertop, and if the oven in general performs as expected.

Am I overlooking a better candidate?

I have not found many reviews about these ovens.


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  1. I bought an Oster at Costco for like $49 and it was similar to a Cuisinart model they had for $99- Now that I look at the TOB-195 it looks like the one they had at Costco for $99

    It won't burn your countertop. This model doesn't have dials but micro-buttons. Cooked a prime rib in it with the convection setting and turned out perfect.
    The only complaint I have is that it takes a long time to make toast-probably because there's more area to heat and the heating coils aren't as close to the bread as in a toaster. Also good for making those 12" pizzas and cookies too.

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      OK, thanks. I haven't seen an Oster. I'll have to check in that.

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        This is the Oster model 6058 that I got at Costco. I only got it over the Cuisinart because it was half the price.

        1. re: monku

          I had one, worked good, but never felt it did as good so I just used the oven. I too had an Oster. Sold it when I moved to an apt, room issue. It did work ok. just did my toast under the broiler and it was actually quicker.

          1. re: kchurchill5

            My oven broiler is actually the issue. I don't like it! The convection broil does meat very well, but the regular broil gets too hot too fast and browns things unevenly to boot. It is also big, and I hate firing it up for 2-people meals. I like the looks of the Cuisinart, but I have had trouble finding reviews.

            1. re: sueatmo

              Makes sense, everyone has issues with their ovens. And they are all different, only you know best. My Oster worked great and hated to sell, but no room in an apt. Too many other kitchen things :) I wish I could help on the Cuisinart. I have a couple of friends who have them, but Oster and another brand but not cuisinart. Best of luck. Hope you find one that works well for you.

                1. re: monku

                  I did read those reviews. And I saw it in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, where it was promoted because of its even temp. But I have not seen reviews for the TOB-60. And I was hoping a Chowhound had used one of these and could vouch for whichever he/she was using. Thanks!

      2. Those are 2 good units.

        You need to determine your needs and wants better. If you primary interest is toast (4 slices) then your best bet is to get a dedicated toaster and not a toaster oven....which almost universally does a poorer job of making toast than a dedicated toaster and takes much longer to do it.

        You also need to determine if you prefer the 3 knob classic style operational control.....or the new digital which allows you to do more and better. However if you are just doing very simple things then maybe the classic 3 knobs is the way to go.

        You also need to consider the size of the toaster oven. The larger the oven the longer it is to heat up. The smaller the oven the less you can fit in it. For instance do you want to be able to cook 12" pizzas in your toaster oven?

        We went over some larger toaster ovens in depth here.

        Toaster Oven vs. Countertop Oven

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          Thanks for your reply. I did think I was pretty specific. I want to make toast, 4 slices at a time. Actually, I'd like to make cinnamon toast more frequently. I am not fond of my large oven's broiler. I remember eating toast as a child made on my grandparents' top of the stove broiler (Chambers) and liking it. So, if the toast is only toasted on one side, it would be OK with me.

          I would like to bake 4 biscuits, toast nuts, reheat crisp foods, etc. I might try roasting garlic. We almost never eat pizza because of health issues.

          The toaster I am using is not that great. My oven is a big convection job, which does a good job, and heats up pretty fast, but is awfully large for small baking jobs.

          So, that's what I need. My instinct is to go with the smaller one. I was hoping someone had used this oven and could vouch for it. Thanks again.

        2. Remember, the smaller the toaster overn the better toaster it makes. However the larger the toaster oven substitute it makes.

          Given your limited information posted on your needs and wants....I would recommend a 0.5 cu ft toaster oven with the traditional 3 knobs.

          1. I think Cuisinart also makes a brick lined toaster oven. I like the idea but not the price.

            1. Back in March I sent a query about Cuisinart toaster ovens. I was deciding between the TOB-60 and TOB-195 which I had found locally at Bed Bath and Beyond. Several weeks ago I bought the TOB-195, Cuisinart Exact Heat Convection Toaster Oven Broiler.

              The convection does work well, the broiler seems good, and it performs extremely well. This oven does take up room on your counter, but it justifies itself by its utility. It toasts extremely well and I can do 4 slices at once. It bakes potatoes via convection very well, and this has become one of my favorite uses. I've baked biscuits in it, finished frittata in it,
              toasted a few nuts and baked a pizza. It does a fine job with short preheat time, and when it shuts off it is quiet, even if I have used the convection. (No fan noise after stopping the oven.)

              Drawbacks are the lame user manual, including realy incomplete instructions for use(But with oddly complex recipes), and an odd interface between the timer and the oven. Everything else is good. I recommend the Cuisinart TOB-195 toaster oven if you have room on your counter for such an appliance.

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              1. re: sueatmo

                Just wanted to add to this thread in case someone is considering one of these for the holidays. I love this appliance! This past weekend my son and I baked an apple pie in it as the big oven was occupied. It did the pie extremely well. I think I use this oven every day, and am happy I chose it.

                Drawbacks: you have to crack the door to check on progress of the dish in progress because the interior is not lighted. And toasting 4 slices of bread works less well than toasting 2 slices. (Hasn't stopped me from using it that way, though.)

                Otherwise, easy to clean, easy to use, versatile and produces very good results.