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Mar 18, 2009 04:04 PM

Romantic Restaurant in Orlando

Hello all,

I need a recommendation for a romantic, upscale (but not too stuffy), delicious restaurant for a young couple who is leaving baby with Grandma overnight for the first time! I like pretty much any kind of cuisine - and enjoy eclectic combinations, but my husband is more straightforward and appreciates steak or beef in most forms.

We don't have hotel reservations yet, because I'm basically going to base where we stay on where we eat! So far, we have recommendations for Seasons 52 - but I can only get reservations for 9pm, which is a bit late. Also Narcoossee's because of the fireworks, but Im worried that although that may be romantic, the food won't be great at a Disney property.
We are still considering these two places, so reviews are appreciated.

Any recommendations for a great night out, exciting food, and romantic atmosphere would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Ocean Prime
    Chatams Place
    The Black Olive (just opened on Monday, been once so far, the food was exceptional, service needs some work)
    I think staying at the Edgewater Hotel in Winter Garden and eating at The Chefs Table would be an excellent romantic get away....

    1. for a night like that, i always like to go to white wolf cafe, over on lake ivanhoe. i think it's romantic, especially sitting outside, and i have always found their food delicious and different! absolutely non-stuffy!
      i also recently went to primo at the jw marriott, and i loved the food. it's pricey, but not stuffy!

      1. Primo is a great choice. I also agree that The Chefs Table would be nice.

        1. I don't eat on Disney property often but there are some very good restaurants out there. From what I've heard, Narcoossee's is not one of them. I haven't been there in over a decade but I've have not heard anything good about in a long time. About the best thing going for it is the view.

          If you stay on property I'd try California Grill instead of Narcoossee's.

          1. Here are a few suggestions - they all have web sites you can google and find them and take a look at menus and maps etc.

            Luma in Winter Park - wonderful and romantic, great area in Orlando
            The Ravenous Pig - a gastro pub, maybe not quite as romantic as others listed
            Graze - wonderful chef, hip and romantic, couches outside, candles etc
            Hue - fantastic, outdoor seating
            Nona tratattoria - wonderful, outdoor seating as well