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Mar 18, 2009 03:42 PM

Cookeville, Tennessee

We're heading to Tennessee in April and am looking for good places to eat that are not a chain? Any bbq places, seafood, something that Canadians from Toronto would enjoy? Bbq would be the top choice. Thanks!

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  1. Your headline indicates Cookeville. There is a place called Puleo's. It has a variety -refers to itself and Southern and Italian based on the chef's heritage. Fantastic fried green tomatoes and grits. Really delicious. Will you be in any other parts of TN?

    1. Try Bobby Q's...... they're at 1070 N. Washington in Cookeville. They specialize in BBQ and catfish. It's a favorite spot for locals. The waitresses are very friendly and helpful. We've eaten there several times- stop whenever we're on our way through. I haven't had anything but their pork bbq..... I figure if that's their name, that's what I'm having. It was very good- they have a couple of different sauces, I think one hot and one sweet. Sides are great, too.

      1. No, we're only in Cookeville from Monday to Wednesday night, leaving on Thursday. Not much time for anything else, which is why we're looking for good places to eat.

        1. Bobby Q's is outstanding. Try the ribs, chicken, or pulled pork. They have a hot slaw called poolroom slaw that is very good (or you can get it mixed half and half with regular slaw for a cooler version). Their banana pudding has been featured in Ladies Home Journal.

          El Tapatio has fine Mexican food - there are two locations in Cookeville; one on Jefferson Avenue and one on Willow Avenue.

          1. Definitely Bobby Q's. Ribs are great but pulled pork and chicken are good too. Poolroom slaw is a hot coleslaw that is really good. The banana pudding has been featured in Ladies Home Journal. Come on down and eat some Q!