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Mar 18, 2009 03:02 PM

burgers&seafood in ft myers

We will be in ft myers in april and are are looking for the best burger & a good seafood house around the ft myers area

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  1. Not sure where you will be staying in Ft. Myers area, but if you're south try Doc's Beach House on Hickory Blvd on Bonita Beach. They have great burgers and it's on the beach. Just head south out of Ft. Myers Beach and just before you head inland, it's on the west side.
    There will probably be lots of opinions on good seafood, so I'll leave that alone,

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    1. re: grouper

      HORRIBLE BURGERS!! Doc's is not a place to spend a penny. I can not imagine why anyone would go there. Servers/managers are rude and the food is lousy. Beer is cold, but expensive and with their attitude - pack a cooler.

      1. re: WStampa

        I completely enjoy it and never had anything bad. NO during easter break, everywhere is bad, packed, a stressed. I go to Docs everytime I am in Ft. Myers. I'm not looking for gourmet, just great atmosphere, fun and relaxing and always got that.

        Sorry Wstampa

    2. Sunshine Seafood Cafe on Winkler and Gladiolus is very good with fish. I like it a lot. They often have triple tail on the menu, a great local fish that is not commercially available.

      Skip One is an old locals favorite. You can find this little dump by the hundreds of people milling around in the parking lot waiting for a seat. Grouper, grouper, grouper.

      Want to part with some $, then I'll suggest Truluck's in Naples. It has two or three other restaurants, but no way is this an industrial chain. Awesome fish preparations, including salmon with blue crab and jalapeno bearnaise. Wow.
      Hamburgers, well there are a few places, but I would never put Doc's on the list. I love to stop there for a beer after a day at the beach and the location is great, right on the Gulf. Food there is an afterthought, and not much of that.

      I had a great hamburger at Cheeseburger in Paradise at the corner of 41 and Daniels across from Bell Tower. Last time, it didn't seem as great. I think all restaurants are cutting corners these days.

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      1. re: LilMsFoodie

        Docs, Skip One I like. Docs seafood is good and a nice atmosphere.

      2. I know it is a chain, but I have been very impressed with the food, service and value at Bonefish Grill. I've had salmon there that was perfectly cooked as requested -- with a char but still not overdone in the middle, requiring a thick cut and the hottest part of the grill. Really like their "bang-bang" shrimp fried in a hot seasoning, and they do a rich, tasty corn chowder with crab. You'll need reservations or be prepared for a long wait -- they are very popular, and justifiably so.

        Another local spot is the Prawnbroker, absolutely not one of my favorites. A churn-em in, churn-em out operation, serving a lot of combination plates at prices higher than Bonefish.

        1. Try Bacchus for good seafood, and Blu for sushi.

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            We like Cheeseburger Cheeseburger in Naples and Bonita, I'm not sure if you have them in Ft. Myers.

            1. re: Kathfootball

              There is a Cheeburger on Sanibel. The oldest in the area. None in Fort Myers. I do like Cheeseburger in Paradise, which is part of the Outback group. Just starting up, but they manage their restaurants well. Tropical party atmosphere, at least when it is crowded.

            2. re: ipsedixit

              ipse, i didn't know you traveled to fort myers. will i see you there in april, by any chance? (it's my hometown....).

              1. re: alkapal

                I had to go there recently for work.

                What a pain to get to. Fly into Tampa and then take a little hopper of a plane to Ft. Myers. Before boarding our little hopper of a plane, the gate agent asked, "how much do you weigh?"


                1. re: ipsedixit

                  flying from d.c to fort myers is a breeze, nonstop, direct on several airlines. i love getting decent bbq and seafood there.

                  1. re: alkapal

                    What do you recommend?

                    The closer to downtown the better.


                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      i'm assuming you're talking food and not flights? are you downtown for depositions or trial?

                      in north fort myers, just across the bridge from downtown on 41 ("new" 41 to us natives), there is a bbq place on the west side of the highway.
                      Rib City Grill‎
                      13181 N Cleveland Ave
                      Fort Myers, FL 33903
                      (239) 995-2593

                      i used to like sonny's bbq, but they aren't anywhere close now.

                      italian, i go to fabio's on hancock bridge parkway near orange grove boulevard in n. ft. myers, and get the specials from the whiteboard. cash only! sasse's is good, too, in fort myers proper, just off fowler street. my BIL built the italian brick oven there at sasse's.

                      not close to downtown...but....the lazy flamingo is good for seafood, and there is another non-trendy place under the bridge to the beach, matanzas inn (love the stuffed grouper) i repeat: not trendy, but good.

                      i don't know about seafood downtown, as things have changed so much. the veranda is downtown, and is a bit down at the heels. but you'll be in good company with the other lawyers at lunch.

                      lil ms. foodie is up on all the new places, trendy spots, good food, and i enjoy "eating out" vicariously with her posts. maybe start a downtown fort myers thread. (but it is in such upheaval due to "re-development"). to tell the truth, i don't eat out a lot when i'm there because i stay with my elderly mom, and do lots of cooking for her, and also eat fresh fried fish or venison at my nephew's, and wood-grilled steaks or ribs at my sister's house.....

                      for reuben sandwiches, i like mel's diner, on pine island road. also on s. cleveland avenue, just past colonial on the right as you head south. on colonial, shrimp shack used to be pretty good, but it isn't the same quality as it used to be...

                      1. re: alkapal

                        Mels and Reubens are just meant to be. When I go out to lunch I prefer Mels just to get the reuben.

                        Grouper reubens are great too. I make them at home now and then. Really good!

                      2. re: ipsedixit

                        Are you staying at the new hotel near the Lee Co. courts? Hotel Indigo. Very nice moderate from the Four Season's chain. Brand new. They have a restaurant that is supposed to be ok. Not much else DT. If you have time to burn, you might try Delicious Things. You can search here for various reviews of DT Fort Myers. Some are recent.

                        The Veranda is within walking distance. Order simply and you might be ok there. Lots of people love it. Great bar full of lawyers and judges, if you haven't had your fill.

                        Down the street is The Edison. Food ok, not great.

              2. I am definately going to try Sunshine and Skip one, I had lost all hope for non-chain seafood in fort Myers. My family took us out to Mickormich and Schmidts (sorry sp?) in Naples tonight and I had a nice piece of salmon, thank god I didnt have to pay for it though.

                The only thing I've ever eaten at The Beached Whale is raw oysters but a good friend swears the burgers there are great. Anyone ever tried them?
                Truthfully, I havent tried much else on FM beach except The Beached Whale for beer and oysters and Chloe's.....(depressing sigh)

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                1. re: chopslick

                  I haven't been to Beached Whale this season but they always had great fried grouper.

                  1. re: RevrendAndy

                    the owner of the Beached Whale also is an owner of Doc Ford's Rum Bar. They are opening a second location in the old Bridge location on the bay side of the Fort Myers Beach bridge. I'm looking forward to that, it is a great location

                    1. re: LilMsFoodie

                      The Beached Whale has absolutely the BEST buffalo shrimp app. I have been known to hazard Mantanza's Pass in the height of season for them. They are fresh, lightly breaded and fried just right.
                      Someone opened the top floor of the restaurant across from Times Square...anyone been inside yet?