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Mar 18, 2009 02:59 PM

canton ginger liquer

Just bought a bottle of this stuff. I'm going to make a cocktail with this and Bourbon, chilled and served in a martini glass (I enjoy bourbon w/ ginger ale, so I think this might be a good twist). I'm curious to find any additional ideas (other than those that come w/ the bottle), or additions to my bourbon drink that might be nice. Thanks.

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  1. I make a ginger martini with it. It would never have occurred to me to pair it with bourbon. (But then, it would never have occurred to me to add ginger ale to my bourbon either.) I'll be eager to hear how it turns out. And any other ideas you come up with.

    1. I've had pretty decent success with swapping out anything calling for triple sec/Cointreau. I've found it works esp. well with gin, whiskey and lime. I kind of approach it from a Thai food angle.

      1. its nice with gin. here it is w/hendricks and a cucumber garnish:

        1. Hot apple cider with Canton. good stuff

          1. Mixed with dark rum like Gosling's Black Seal orCruzan Blackstrap Navy. I do 3 to 2, rum to ginger and shake over ice then serve up, topped with a little seltzer. It's kind of like a dark and stormy.

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              I actually mix quite a bit (about half a "joint" (Canton, for those who have never seen it, comes in a glass bottle shaped like a peice of bamboo, and has five "joints" to the bottle. Half a joint =appx 75ml or a little more than two shots) into my weekend spiced tea to give it a bit of ginger note the tea is still hot when I add it (and I make the tea by the pitcher) so a lot of the alcohol evaporates before I drink it (which is how I can put so much in an not get roaring drunk, (I have a very low alchohol tolerance).

              Icidentally, that mix of burboun and Canton actually has a name, it's called a Whiskey T'Ching (pronounced with a silent "t"). Well, it is if you add a twist of lemon.

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                i hate to break it to you, but with that method most of the alcohol remains.

                here's a chart:

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                  Oh, then I guess my tolearance has gone up a little, as I really don't feel anything. (Of course it could also be the fact that 2 shots of alchol dissoved in almost a gallon of tea which is drunk over a period of 4-5 hours doesnt allow the full dose to build up. Also there is the fact that when I drink the stuff, I'm not really doing anything that would reveal intoxication, just sitting watching TV and then going to sleep) (shrugs) oh, well I suppose it's really irrelevant so long as I keep to the plan of only doing it at home before I sleep. I actually did try and high flame it at one time (lighting it while it was still boiling, and keeping the heat going underneath so that the flame lasted until it went out due to lack of alcohol. but that tended to chage the flavor a lot (the heat probably carmelized the sugar).

                  Speaking of Canton Ginger cocktails, I forgot one from my past. canton ginger is great in a Elephant Shake (If you've never had one of these it's like a milkshake, with Amarula added) the ginger flavor complments the chocolatey taste of the Amarula quite nicely and has the advantage of not causing it to curdle (Amaraula acutally has quite a bit of cream in it, so it cant be mixed with anything acidic) I only stopped drinking them when the dairy content become more than my stomach could bear.

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                    In a very similar way, we're enjoying after dinner drinks of Canton and Europa Tiramisu. Nice combo! We went to an in-store tasting of Canton earlier tonight. The rep served ginger margaritas and ginger sparklers (his with sparkling wine rather than lemon soda). Loads of tasty possibilities to explore! God, this stuff is GREAT!