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Just Bought Roma Tomatoes-Fridge or no fridge?

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I plan on using my toamtoes sat, should I leave them on the counter or in fridge?

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  1. I don't refrigerate tomatoes. It runis the flavor, especially homegrown ones!

    1. We did an at home experiment last summer. Counter top tomatoes beat out the fridge toms hands down.

        1. counter. The refrigerator will make them starchy and tasteless.

          1. i feel like the fridge also adds a mealiness -- unless that's just me imagining things. unless they were going to rot because you can't use them in time, i would definitely say counter.

            1. Never refrigerate fresh tomatoes, it kills the flavor.

              1. I don't REALLY need to reply...everyone has it down pat...the only time I put a tomato in the fridge, if ever, is after it's been cut open....leave those romas on the counter or windowsill...it's unanimous!

                1. Tomatoes in the fridge? That's like keeping well, tomatoes in the fridge. NEVER

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                    Even most of the containers now a days say DO NOT REFRIGERATE. the natural sugars turn to starch yuk!