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Mar 18, 2009 02:11 PM

Good burgers in Waterloo Region

They have good burgers at Bogey's Rustic Grill in Kitchener. Does anyone know of other places in the area that have good, thick, quality hamburgers?

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  1. Erm... have you tried Chill Grill. or The Grill? (not sure if it's still called that anymore)..It's at the University Plaza next to Waterloo University.
    My standards aren't too high when it comes to burgers. Last time I had one from there was years ago.. but I used to love their onion rings and waffle cones!

    1. Hey I go to UW

      The Grill would be the best bet for cheap burgers

      I just went to Wildcraft and had their burger ($12), it was pretty good but man does it not even come CLOSE to Nota Bene's burger

      Morty's burger is not bad as it is half price on Sundays after 5 PM (like 4 bucks.. a total steal)

      I had McGuinness burger yesterday for St Paddys day and it was OKAY

      Seriously though not even close to TO standards

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      1. re: Muffin__Top

        I go to UW too.

        How much are the burgers at The Grill? Always wanted to check it out.

        1. re: fonz

          They have a lunch special which is $5 for a burger and a drink but right now I'm holding some coupons for 2 burgers, 2 pops and 1 lb of fries for $10 ;)

          1. re: Muffin__Top

            Those coupons are really easy to get, they show up in at least two different coupon books every few months. And they don't give you funny looks when you use them, either. :)

            Nice ice cream too, they make the waffle cones right in front of you. I find the fries kind of inconsistent, but I guess that problem's usually solved by going at a busy-ish time.

            1. re: morefoodplz

              I find The Grill's burgers to be rather bland, actually. Which is too bad, because I usually love greasy spoon burger places.

              1. re: morefoodplz

                Coupon books in the mail? Can you pick some up somewhere? Maybe I should start chcking my mail..

                1. re: hippotatomus

                  I have two of them on hand here, both with coupons for the Grill:
                  Coupon Crazy at Robert's Boxed Meats and Cartridge World
                  Ad-Save at Meineke or Cartridge World.

                  The coupons are two 2-can-dine for $9.99, and a 'Free fries w/burger and pop' which saves about $2.

                  1. re: morefoodplz

                    Yeah you can have mine. There is a marble slab coupon too. It just opened today, long line ups... boyfriend is going to go nuts! Unfortunately for their break even point, I am on a diet and lactose intolerant so likely will NEVER go there =)

                    1. re: Muffin__Top

                      My roommate tried the Marble Slab already open in Kitchener and she said it was forgettable at best, and quite expensive. Probably would be better off getting a cone at the Grill, at least those are fresh.