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Mar 18, 2009 02:09 PM

40th b'day in sydney

A group of 6 of us are heading from New York to Sydney in May to celebrate the big 4-0.

Looking for recommendations for a great evening. Food is the priority. Atmosphere, view, service, etc., while appreciated, are secondary to great food (preferably local). Cost is not an issue. However, tasting menus may not be the best option, as two members of our party have food allergy issues (shellfish for one; gluten, peppers of all types, and dairy for another). The other four eat anything and everything!!

Through prior research, the following are among the top contenders, but please offer suggestions as needed:

Sean's Panaroma

Thank you in advance!!

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  1. Pier or Marque from your list for an evening. Both should eb able to ahndle food allergy issues if you tell them.

    Possibly look at the new resurrected Rockpool, or Aria.

    1. Sounds like you've done your research well!
      Happy birthday for May.

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        Mr Gimlet picked the same 2 that i would from your list. They're the 2 places on that list ive had CONSISTENTLY good meals. That's important (you only get one 40th dinner!!!)
        However, here's my 2 cents
        if it were my birthday, id be eating at Pier or otherwise, Est. (the chefs from these two places are brothers and there are great similarities in their cooking) I prefer Pier's food, only slightly (because they usually have more than one raw fish dish at any given time), BUT Est is a much nicer room for dinner, with a more extensive wine list, far superior service and a great ambience. They also offer what they call "Chefs Menu". A 5 course menu with 4 choices for each course (this would suit your dietary dilemmas, while still having a multiple course dinner. which i think is fitting for a special occasion) Regardless of where you decide, would love to hear how it goes! Hope it's fantastic for you, B

      2. Thanks for your input!

        It looks like we might do Pier for lunch and Boathouse for dinner.

        One of our party has also heard good things about the tasting menu at Deep Blue Bistro. Any thoughts/experiences with that?

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          I haven't been, but I have heard it's very tourist friendly with outback flavours and stuff. It's in Coogee which is a nice beachside suburb