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Mar 18, 2009 01:52 PM

MSP: Best Cobb Salad?

I am looking for the best Cobb salad in MSP metro area! Please suggest those that you cannot forget and would drive 30 miles to have again!

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  1. I really like the Steak Cobb Salad at Kafe 421. It's a twist on a traditional Cobb salad with sliced flank steak and a great dressing. I'm not sure I'd drive 30 miles for it, but it's definitely craveable for someone who lives two miles away (i.e., me). In fact, I'd probably drive as far as 9 or 10 miles for this salad.

    I always admire someone on a culinary quest! Which are your (current) favorite Cobb salads?


    Kafe 421
    421 14th Avenue S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55415

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    1. re: AnneInMpls

      Tucci Bennuch at MOA has a pretty good one. It should last you three meals.

      1. re: GutGrease

        Thanks for the suggestion, however I see Tucci has a chopped salad on their menu, but not the traditional Cobb. I am looking for the classic with an amazing blue cheese dressing!

        1. re: culinaryquest

          Kafe 421's version is dressed with a mint-lime vinaigrette instead of blue cheese dressing. (There's a big handful of crumbled gorgonzola to provide the blue cheese flavor.) It's not a "classic" Cobb, but it's mighty tasty if you want a nice variation!


      2. re: AnneInMpls

        Well this is for my husband (I am planning a fun day and want him to enjoy his favorite lunch). He currently loves the salad at Sunset's (woodbury and wayzata), but I do not like to eat there (long story). I am thinking Salut might be where we go. Their verision is splendid, but I wanted more ideas. Thanks for the "twist " suggestion!

        1. re: culinaryquest

          I love cobb salads too - hands down the best one is Barbette in Uptown. The chicken comes in a small breast-but it's EXTREMELY tender and juicy and it's organic free range; they use butter and bibb lettuce, huge chunks of pungent stinky gorgonzola, a few chunks of lardon for your "bacon" salt fix, fresh cherry tomatos, etc. It's very simply but the flavors really come together. It's not your typical romaine on the bottom with a huge huge assortment of toppings thrown on top - it looks "smaller" in comparison to other cobb salads you may receive-but it's delicious and worth the price. Enjoy!

          1. re: snoboardbabe77

            Great suggestion, Snoboardbabe! Barbette would be a nice step up from Salut. Their other food is great, too.


            1600 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

            1. re: snoboardbabe77

              snoboardbabe- the Barbette version sounds great but I just went online to look for it
              on their menu and didn't see it---when did you last have it there?

              1. re: faith

                OMG Faith...I just looked at the menu online too AND IT'S GONE! No. The last time I was there was January 15 (remember the date b/c I had specific plans)....I didn't think a salad would've come off the menu. I am curious why they took it off IT WAS SERIOUSLY THE BEST ONE (I LOVE cobb salads). I might just call to see when and why they took it off. It was not cheap by any means $14.95 I believe..but WELL WELL worth it. I'm so bummed! I was thinking about going there Saturday (chose Longfellow Grill instead) - OH NO. There is no cobb salad that I've eaten that even comes close. Everything was in this big dish separated by each element but placed so you could gently pick and mix it up and get a great bite in every fork full

                1. re: snoboardbabe77

                  Very very sad---hey, maybe they would custom make them- sounds like
                  ingredients they might generally have around....I would be interested to
                  know why they dropped it...

        2. I know it is a bit of a chain type place but Claddaugh Irish Pub in Maple Grove has an awesome Cobb. It is called the Killbane Cobb Salad and when you pair it with the Blue Cheese Vinaigrette. It is heaven.