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Mar 18, 2009 01:51 PM

La Tour D'Argent?

I haven't seen this restaurant discussed on this board recently. I am planning on going for the prix fixe lunch, and possibly splurging on a numbered duckling. Please let me know good and bad impressions.

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  1. Never been. Looking forward to reading your report.

    1. I had Christmas lunch there in 2007 and we chose the numbered duck. If I recall correctly, the duck is for two. Despite the restaurant's "downfall", the service was exemplary, the dining room and view beautiful and the food and wine delicious. It was fun watching the duck prepared, but the draw really is the show and the history. We each walked away with a card with our duck's number. I would recommend giving it a try. I would certainly return to the restaurant, Michelin stars or no.

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        Can you elaborate on the "downfall" comment? I am aware there are some who believe it is a tourist trap. I am PARTICULARLY alarmed that Souphie has not even been (!). But I agree - we are as interested in the show and history as we are the food in this place. Their communication about reservations have been prompt, and very accommodating.

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          I guess losing two stars in ten years can be considered a downfall. It still has one star, so I'm sure it's a fine restaurant, it's just not at the top of most people's list in this category.

      2. My wife and I had a delightful lunch there last summer. The prices are much lower than at dinner and the menu is the same. Surprisingly, we were the only Americans there. We started with the quenelles, which we delicious, but richer than I remembered from years ago. (My diet is lighter than it used to be.) The pressed (numbered) duck is actually two absolutely wonderful dishes. Don't miss it. As you may know, the wine list is probably the largest in the world. The sommelier steered us to an excellent half bottle of white Burgundy and a yummy red Burgundy that were less expensive than ones I had asked about. The service was warm, charming and low key. The view from our table by the windows was, of course, incomparable. It's not the best food in Paris; it is the opposite of cutting edge. But it is one of the great gastronomic experiences anywhere.

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          I'll try. How much is that lunch menu? OK, just kidding, I can read my Michelin guide -- it says 70€. But I'll go. After Ledoyen and La Grande Cascade, la Tour is next on my todo list of fancy lunches.

        2. Yes, the "downfall" was its rapid loss of stars (gasp!). I was going to post the website here but it's not connecting. Not sure if it's my internet connection or it isn't functioning. But, it's fairly straightforward as or something. It showed the menu and is where I made my reservations easily the other year. I also think the duck is a supplement on top of the lunch price. Perhaps the duck and the link to Napoleon might cause it to be a tourist trap - but at least the tourists might be much better dressed than those waiting in line at the Louvre! Wink. Hey, I readily admit to my place as a tourist.

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            In any case, the changed Chef and redid the restaurant recently -- after the star fall.

          2. A few years ago my godson asked me for a romantic place in Paris where he could propose. So I contacted La Tour d'Argent and arranged it, all paid in advance. They had the quenelles, the duck, good wine etc. They had a table by the window and terrific service. Perfect. It's that kind of place. PS: She said yes.