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Mar 18, 2009 01:46 PM

Brunch for baby friendly in SF

Hi All
I have a guest from out of town visiting me next weekend. He will come with his wife and 6-months baby. Although I live in San Francisco, I am having a hard time to find where is the good place to bring baby. IMy favrs are to dottie true blue cafe, tartine, butterfly, chloe, savor and tangerine but I don't think we can stand waiting in the line.

Preferences area:
Downtown and surrounding areas (+/-5 miles)
Easy access to public transportation
Outdoor area
Cheap Eat
Not chain restaurants like IHOP or mel's drive in etc, prefer local restaurant
Stay clear from touristy area

Any suggestions are appreciated. Many thanks in advance and thank you for reading this post.

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  1. Park Chow is pretty friendly to babies, but doesn't have an outdoor area but has a nice upstairs area. You see a lot of babies/kids there.

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      A 2nd on Park Chow. The upstairs has an open deck...although no views. It's nice and it's protected from the ever present wind.

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        You totally lost me on Chloe's, Savor, and Tangerine, but Chow on Church is also very friendly to kids and they do have an outdoor patio. Across the street is Thorough Bread, which is not zoo-y and where you could also pick up a pastry and hang out on their great patio.

      2. Most Asian restaurants are incredibly good with children. You don't say what day(s) you are talking about, but dim sum should be an option. Yank Sing is open on weekend mornings (go at opening to avoid a line) and Chinatown is walking distance from downtown. I'm not sure what dim sum restaurants in Chinatown are good, I usually go to the Richmond for dim sum.