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Late-night dining near South Pasadena/Pasadena area

Hi gang,

We're looking to take friends out for a nice (but late) casual dinner next week. They live in South Pasadena. Must be open well after 9:30PM, and not too far from South Pasadena (one of our friends is pregnant and requests that the restaurant not be too far).

Any cuisine will do.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Definitely not in South Pasadena, other than Carrow's, they roll up the sidewalks super-early there. Saladang is likely open later, if not you will probably want to go to Old Town where people stay out later.
    Maybe Bar Celona?

    1. Bar Celona in Old Town Pasadena would certainly work. Gus's BBQ in South Pas might still be open at that time. Red, White and Bluezz in Pasadena is also open at that time.

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        My friends were turned away from Gus's around that time one night. I think They close the kitchen right at 10 or before, but maybe 11 on weekends.

      2. What about The York in Highland Park? It's more of a 'gastropub', but the food is very good, it's casual, and certainly open past 9:30p. From S.Pas, it's just a hop East on York Bl. between Aves 50 and 51.

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          I like York, but a bar thing for a prego girl may not be her cup of tea. There used to be that great little french/asian place right on Mission...also a french place right by the gold line is good/casual. Anybody know the name? That would be my overall pick, plus you can walk to Busters for icecream afterwards.

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            I think you mean Shiro? It is only open til 9 weekdays, 10 Fridays and Saturdays. Is it good? I've always wanted to try it (sorry to sidetrack!). I agree about York, except that you can't smoke inside or anything. and the food is so good!!

            The French place by the train is Bistro de la Gare (get it? Train station...)- only open til 10p weekdays and 10:30p weekends, 9p on Sundays.

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              Shiro is amazing! Amazing and the service is great. There apple tart dessert is my absolute favorite. For most special occasions staying close to home I dine here.

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                Apparently, Shiro's closes at 9pm on Fridays. I wanted to go last night after a long and bad day at work. When I called to make reservations, I was told that I had to get there by 8:45 since they were closing at 9. Went to Roy's in Pasadena instead. Nothing to wow home about.

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                Buster's closes daily at 7pm! Terrible especially in the summer months.

            2. Don't know that it counts as being great food, but we've done okay with meals at Wild Thyme in South Pasadena (Fair Oaks at Hope, I believe) - same family that owns Central Park and Beckham Grill - anyway, I think that they're open until 11 PM during the week.

              1. Celestino is open until 11:00 p.m., Monday-Saturday. They offer very good pastas and other Italian dishes -- it's one of the Drago's small chain -- and the place has a bright, friendly neighborhood-joint feel. I also found the service to be quite good during each of several visits last year. See: http://www.calogerodrago.com/

                141 South Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101

                1. Try La Fiesta Grande. It is a two location outfit with locations on Mission in South Pas and Colorado in Pasadena, near the Playhouse. Decent food, good drinks, nice people.

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                    Correct me if I'm wrong but LFG closes at 9 PM, 10 Fri, Sat.

                    1. Crepevine Bistro in Old Town is also open til 11 pm on Tu-Wed, and midnight Thu-Sat (closed on Mondays).

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                        CrepeVine, sadly, is no longer open at any time. Closed every day.

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                          ohh oops!
                          never mind, yeah i haven't been back in like ... a year or more. Thx for the update.

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                            Heheh ilf, thanks for the pithy update.

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                              Thks JL, I guess I'm a pretty pithy person cause people are constantly telling me how much I pith them off.

                              Now to try and be helpful - after 9:30 wknghts - Wild Thyme or Carmine's (OK Italian) are probably best of basically 4 choices in S Pas. Other 2 being Carrow's and Shaker's - coffee shops. Wild Thyme, Shaker's and Carmine's are all close each other on Fair Oaks.

                          1. Pas/South Pas is a dead zone after 9:30. besides what's been mentioned:

                            Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock is open until midnight and the weekday crowd thins out after 9:30PM. note closed Monday.
                            Twohey's in Alhambra is open until midnight.

                            They are what they are (average and corporate) but both the Yard House and McCormack's and Schmick's are open late during the week.

                            1. Smitty's on Lake Ave. serves food until 10:30 and stays open until well past that. That would certainly be my bet.


                              1. Reporting back: Went to above-mentioned dinner.

                                Pregnant friend had a craving for Carrows. Yes, Carrows.

                                So, that was that.... not much Chowworthy to report, gang. Thanks for all the input, though!

                                Not bad, for what it is, actually. Brought back some memories for me, since I spent many a night studying at Carrows during school days... Except their coffee is weaker these days.

                                1. We went to the late happy hour at Red White and Bluezz on evening, and had a choice of 3/.4 or 5 course fixed price menu as well as a nice selection of ala carte entrees. I would certainly go back there again

                                  1. J.L.--Glad you worked it out successfully but I'll reply anyhow since I was looking for the same thing last week! And someone else may want info from this post . Had a friend visiting who flew in late. I did some calling around and it seemed to me that most kitchens (as opposed to doors!! big distinction) closed 9:30, latest 10, on weekdays. In Old Town, Vertical stays open later; POP is open later but closed early in the week; Wokcano is open quite late (11, I think)...

                                    My friend and I ended up eating in the Lounge at the Langham, a stroke of genius on my part, if I do say so myself. We had not only the bar menu to chose from, but the room service menu as well--took longer but we ordered from both so it didn't matter. The bar kitchen closes at 10 so you need to get your order in before that. It was an expensive way to eat, but the service was so friendly and accommodating, and it was a quiet and cozy place to catch up with a dear friend, and we were even able to order a really nice bottle of wine from the restaurant menu as opposed to from the rather poor and limited bar menu. Oh, and the food was pretty good as well.

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                                      Good call on the Langham lounge/bar.