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Mar 18, 2009 01:35 PM

Best Sports Bar NOT Downtown

A friend who lives here part time wants to spend a little time male bonding and suggested watching the UT/Minnesota game at a sports bar. I figure that all of downtown will be overrun with SXSW so I need to know the best place to catch the game on a big screen, drink some libations and eat some food...I know Cover 3 is a bit pricey and I think Bikini's looks a tad cheesy but I'm open to them or any other, just need to know your take on them. Thanks.

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  1. i haven't been, but cover3 did get some good reviews on here.
    and, i understand they have a good bar menu, so you could avoid a $20 entree...

    1. First, are you married to Debbie - from BC? I was going to suggest Cover 3 also. Also thought about the Tavern. That's always a fun place.

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        Third vote for Cover 3. Plenty of tv's and to food is excellent.

      2. Is there any particular part of town you prefer?
        At any rate, stay away from Bikini's. The food there is atrocious.

        1. How about Jaspers at the Domain. Lots of big TV screen and also a covered outdooor area.Also very far away from SXSW.

          1. If you want to venture North:

            Third Base (tons of tvs), Twin Peaks, Pluckers are all good spots with lots of Tvs and pub grub withouth the Cover 3 prices