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Mar 18, 2009 01:15 PM

Can Overripe Bananas be Frozen?

I've just been given a stash of overripe bananas -- far more than I can use for banana bread right now. Can I freeze them for future baking use? And, besides banana bread, how can I use them?

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  1. The wife freezes them all the time. Makes banana cake (similar to your bread?) later.

    1. I freeze them all the time too.
      Banana bread
      Ice cream
      Use them anywhere the texture /appearance of the fruit no longer really matters.

      1. I freeze them all the time to use for banana bread later. I peel them first, then pop them in a freezer bag.

        1. banana coffee cake
          banana bread
          replacement for egg in cakes/brownies
          or dip in chocolate and chopped nuts and eat frozen

          1. I always freeze my overripe bananas and they are great for use in breads, coffeecakes, pancakes, etc. Sometimes I even add them to my oatmeal, although the texture is better with fresh bananas. Word of caution, if you freeze them with the peel on (which I always do, for some reason it never occurred to me to take the peel off) the peel turns blackish-brown once frozen and you'll want to be sure to cut off the dry nubby end if thawing in the microwave. Perhaps freezing them peeled is the way to go, although leaving the peel on may provide extra protection against freezer burn.