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Mar 18, 2009 12:02 PM

Creperies in Montreal

Hi there, I'll be visiting Montreal in early April and I'm a crepe enthusiast. I was wondering if any fellow CHers can suggest their favourite spots for crepe. Thank you so much!!!

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  1. Montreal used to have many more Crepe Restaurants but over the years they all seemed to drop away.The only one I know of that still offers the classic Crepe Bretonne fare is Le Triskell on St Denis St 514-281-1012.They have a large assortment of main course and dessert Crepes that have tasted the same for decades now.For fun there is an outdoors stand at Jean Talon Market ( good for a Saturday visit ).Hope you enjoy.

    1. I know Restaurant Creperie Ty-Breiz (933 rue Rachel Est, Montréal - (514) 521-1444) make Crepe Bretonne as well, and nicely from what I hear, altough I cannot comment on them myself, as I'm not the greatest fan of salty Crepe, I always take either the mussel plate or the veal liver, two of the best items on the menu in my opinion. Oh, and the salad with the nice garlic sauce as an entree.

      1. Juliette et Chocolat make both sweet and savory crepes. And that stand at JTM is also pretty good...

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          Wow, thank you very much everyone for your suggestions!!!

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            If you are going up to Quebec City as well, there is a very good crêperie on St-Jean, just outside the old city walls (in another old neighbourhood, St-Jean-Baptiste), Le Billig.

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              Thanks, I'll keep that in mind next time I plan a trip to Quebec City.

        2. I really like the crepe place in the Jean Talon Market, but it's take away, or crammed into one of the few stools. There are a couple of branches of Une Crepe (i think that's the name, which are actually very good. One is on St. Viateur right near the bagel stores, and the other is just off of St. Denis, but I'm not sure where, sorry.

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            «One is on St. Viateur right near the bagel stores, and the other is just off of St. Denis, but I'm not sure where, sorry.»

            North side of Mont-Royal a half block east of St-Denis. Both stores have takeout windows, too, IIRC.

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              425, Mont-Royal Est (514) 849-0836 & 221 St. Viateur Ouest (514-270-6322

          2. We went to Juliette et Chocolat (Mont-Royal Est ) last night and the place was mobbed and the service was horrendous. We had to send back our coffee drinks because they were cold. We ordered a crepe which we never received, so we ended up walking out.

            Also tried Une Crepe on Mont-Royal and although the service was good, the crepe, itself tasted quite bland. (the fillings were good though).

            Ok, we also went to Le Triskell. This place had great service, the crepes were excellent, but the fillings were not. They used bland pre-sliced deli ham, precooked mushrooms and so on.

            Have eaten at the creperie at Jean Talon market and they were ok, service there can be a bit harried.

            Our favorite creperie is on St Denis, a few blocks south of Sherbrooke on the east side of the street called Café Croissant De Lune: Address 1765 rue St-Denis.

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              At these establishments you tried just their savoury crepes(or you also tried their sweet crepes)?

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                In Triskell we had both savory and sweet.
                Une Crepe we had only sweet . . .
                At Jean Talon we had only sweet . . .
                At Juliette et Chocolat we had eaten there 6 months ago and had both savory and sweet which were quite good. This last visit was for dessert, but it never came.
                We had both savory and sweet at the Café Croissant De Lune.

                This morning we stopped by Ty-Breiz, but it was too early (they open at 11:30). From the menu they look very "Breton" authentic and similar to Triskell in that respect.

                We also have eaten at Le Billig in Quebec City (noted above) . . . both savory and sweet . . . and thought it was excellent.

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                  You sound like you know your french crepes, & know your way around Montreal. Can you get good french crepes in New Hampshire?

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                    Not traditional "Breton style" crepes, there's nothing like that in NH.

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                I keep wanting to try Juliette et Chocolat, but frequent reports of bad service have kept me away so far. Is service any better at the outpost on Laurier?

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                  I'm sorry, my mistake, the one we ate at was on Laurier (not Mont Royal). It was late when I wrote the original post and I happened to be searching for info on Le Petit Alep (which we ate at and enjoyed). I saw the post inquiring about creperies and should have waited till morning on that. We went to Montreal about 6 months ago and wanted to try as many places as time would allow. We initially went to the Juliette et Chocolat on St Denis back then, but we waited at one of the outside tables and no one came to take our order (about 20 minutes) so we ate at a noodle place up the road. At the time there was a post about Juliette et Chocolat and how the service was poor at the original location (St Denis) but that a new location had opened (Laurier) that was better in all ways. We tried that one the next day and it was really good in both food and service. Then we returned again last night and the place was a total nightmare with regards to service. They sat us in the front at a table that needed to be wiped as there was spilt cream. They finally cleaned the obviously dirty table after we asked. They served us two capppucinos that were cold and we sent them back to be reheated, but they reserved them in original dirty saucers (shoddy). Another table next to us was served two coffees that had overflowed. The waitress came with a towel and cleaned the saucers with that towel at the table (again shoddy). Patrons started piling in and standing there looking aggrievated and holding the door wide open. Two tables that came in about ten minutes after us received their food before us (we had only ordered a chocolate crepe) so we paid for the coffees and left. It appears to me that J&C (both locations) are lacking in good management and no, I would never go back.