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Mar 18, 2009 12:00 PM

San Diego - Luc's Bistro

Any word yet on this restaurant, located in Poway, that is affiliated with Cavaillon?

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  1. nope, but if you go, report back!

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      We tried it last night as we live nearby. Nice little casual place with very good food at a very reasonable price. They have been open a couple weeks but the official opening is not until early April.

      Tomato soup and French onion soup were both excellent. The goat cheese crostini with mixed greens, cranberries, apple and walnuts ($7.50 was fresh and delicious.

      The entrees excelled as well. My pan roasted salmon ($13.50) was topped with basil oil and served with a nice tapenade and roasted (peeled) eggplant, red peppers and zucchini. The wine braised chicken thighs were on par with any coq au vin in town and a steal at $9.75. The roasted chicken breast ($10.00) was also reported to be delicious.

      Desserts are made in house. I did not taste them but heard raves about both the Red Velvet cupcake and the bread pudding.

      Luc's has a nice and nicely priced wine list and very friendly and attentive service. We'll be back.

      1. re: eatemup

        Super reasonable dinner prices..those are lunch prices!
        Love that it is affiliated with Cavaillon.
        Where is Luc's Bistro located?
        Thank's ibstatguy and eatemup!

    2. We stopped in for lunch on Friday, just before their "lunch time" ended at 2pm. Definitely get the basil mayo that comes with the sweet potato fries - it's so good. We basically ended up with a variety of their paninis and a goat cheese crostini.

      The braised short rib panini was beefy and tasty, with tiny pickled pearl onions scattered throughout. The beef wasn't particularly moist or juicy, but it was tender and delicious. I don't know if the dryness is a function of of the time of day, panini process, or what, but I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt that the actual short rib entree would be good.

      They are located in the strip mall on Poway Road that has It's a Grind, LA Fitness, K-Five, and Golden Spoon. Where Yu Me Cafe used to be, if anyone ever went there. I'd say it's almost halfway between Pomerado and Community.

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      1. re: leanneabe

        I had the short rib entree Saturday night and it was tender and delicious. Mrs. eatem had the chicken and dumplings which she enjoyed.

        1. re: eatemup

          multiple visits in one week sounds like an endorsement to me!

      2. Absolutely LOVE the chicken wings! They are kind of big for chicken wings, but who's complaining? Not me. I've ordered them with a side order of either their delicious Parmesan French Fries or their Sweet Potato Fries. MMMMmmmmm......The super nice owner offered me a glass of the freshly made Southern Ice Tea too...bless his little heart! I'm hooked and plan to go back often before too many people know about it. Did someone say they serve Red Velvet cupcakes??? Influx in Downtown has awesome RV CC's...can this place rival theirs? I'll be looking forward to trying!

        1. My husband and I stopped in here for dinner after having tried them for lunch a few days before. I had the soup of the day (a tasty, frothy bean soup) and the chicken thighs (coq au vin for $9.75!). My husband had been craving a steak, and ordered the 8oz New York, medium rare (most expensive thing on the menu at $18.75). He said it was delicious.

          We had a chance to chat with the owners/managers (wife of executive chef at Cavaillon and her brother), and got some really interesting insight into their thoughts for opening up in Poway. They are looking to offer yummy food in a more casual, family-friendly environment. They have some plans for updating the space a little more, including the addition of a bar for wine and beer at the back.

          As we were finishing up, friends of the owners were stopping in to have dinner. Turns out, it was the owner of Opera!

          Thoughtfully prepared, extremely reasonably-priced food in Poway? We are hoping this might break our trend of always driving out into SD proper when we are craving a good meal. I hope they find lots of success with this venture, and plan to spread the word!

          1. This is a cute little place with great food and outstanding prices for the quality of food! We ate there this past weekend, and everything we tried was D-lish... Everything sounded so good on the menu that it was hard to decide what to go with, but favorites so far are the BBQ shrimp and grits, french onion soup, mushroom ravioli, and the "fork tender" short rib. Can't wait to go back to try the other items that I couldn't squeeze in last time (chicken and dumplings, salmon, and will have to check out the lunch menu)