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Mar 18, 2009 11:25 AM

Has Ebisu reopened?

It's been a while since I've been in the neighborhood! Any chance Ebisu is done remodeling and is open for business again?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. They posted a help-wanted ad on Tuesday that said they're "nearing the end of construction."

    1. Nope- still sharing space with across-the-street partner. Windows and door at Ebisu are covered with plywood. Expect a bit longer to wait....

      1. Their web site says they'll reopen May 7.

        1283 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

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          they're opening tomorrow. may 12th. lunch and dinner.

          they've had a soft opening for the past few days.

        2. Any reviews on this place since it has reopened?

          1. Ebisu HAS reopened. The remodel is really beautiful; the outside door is a work of art, the frosted glass divider with the bamboo in between the panels at the entrance is very tasteful from inside and out, and there are many attractive design details throughout.

            They have eliminated what used to be the traditional tatami room where you could sit on the floor and have replaced that space with two large bathrooms. They also put a cashier station and draft beer tap where the sushi bar used to curve around up front, so, as far as I can figure, even given the the fact that they have dramatically reduced the space between tables, they must have lost seats over all.

            The menu has been reprinted and has lost all of its colorful pictures so you need to know your sushi a bit better than you did with the old menu. They also dropped the blackboard by the kitchen with the specials on it. Nonetheless, the menu seems to contain all the stuff that has made this one of the best sushi restaurants in the City.

            And the food is just as good as it always was, in general. And the prices have remained more or less what they were. What has noticeably changed is the SIZE of the portions. All the nigiri and the rolls are still made with the same marvelously fresh ingredients and lovely presentation but they are all easily 20% smaller all around. This is an interesting and not entirely unsatisfactory solution to the problem of how to cover their renovation costs and is maybe even preferable to raising the prices by 20%, at least for the time being.

            We had edamame (which is now served as a trio of flavored beans; ours were garlic, wasabi, and plain), unagi, maguro, and tako nigiri, a dragon roll, a caterpillar roll (yes, we like unagi), kobe beef sushi (which they do have even though it is not on the regular menu), a dish of natto and squid (also not on the menu, but they did have it when asked), and a couple of inari zushi, all washed down with some Kirin and tea. The cost was $75 plus tip.

            Some of the old sushi-making crew are still there but there are some new faces (including a very rare woman) behind the bar as well. The entire wait staff seems to have been replaced....

            I would still heartily recommend this as a superb sushi restaurant, one of the best in the City, and I do like the new look of the place, but I guess I am one of those diehards who think sometimes its better to leave (way, way) good enough alone. One always has to wonder what they were thinking....