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Mar 18, 2009 11:14 AM

Kent, Litchfield Hills,CT Need Recs Immediately-Where

to eat lunch, dinner, desserts please, going this weekend, thanks. Want clean yummy inexpensive excellent food, Tell me where and what to eat please.

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  1. kent has Strobles bakery & cookery that has great lunch items and wonderful desserts. The fife and drum is the main restaurant in the town and has been there as long as i can remember: . I haven't eaten there in quite awhile so i can't say how the food is. For dinner there are some wonderful restaurants in New Preston just south of kent: DOC's Trattoria, which is BYOB and Oliva. Both I love. A little further south off Rt 202 to 47 in washington depot is The Pantry, which is not the cheapest but is by far the best food in the area. Absolutely one of the best places i have ever eaten-fresh local ingredients-house made bread, scones... They are only open for lunch 10-6 closed on sundays/mondays. Also, the woodland in Lakeville, a little further north of kent is pretty amazing. It is a small place and fills up fast so reservations are recommended pretty much every night they are open.

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      raretothet:Thank you very much! If you had to choose Doc's or Oliva's why and what to order, we are going to be at the Lake so close by right?

    2. I'm going to 2nd rareto's recc of Fife and Drum in Kent.
      We ate there last summer---we eat there every summer a few times---and the food is always consistently good and reasonable.
      You might even get to hear the owner play piano at dinner which is a great treat!