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Mar 18, 2009 10:58 AM

Red Wine for our Seafood/Quail Menu

We're trying to choose a red wine to offer during our wedding reception and have run into a bit of a roadblock.

Duo plate of seared tuna medallions and a boneless quail stuffed with leek, bacon and crab
Leek & Pinenut Risotto

Not exactly red wine friendly. The bar manager at our venue recommended either a shiraz or a red zin, but my fiance has never met a shiraz or a red zin that he liked. Any other suggestions? They can be as obscure as you like, the wine cellar of this place is pretty amazing, but they do have to be available at a reasonable price point.

Just for reference, they recommended a Picpoule de Pinet for the white, which I had never heard of, but sounds right up my alley from what I've read.

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    1. I found at weddings that many people do not like white. I usually use all red and little white. I would still offer some red, maybe a combo of a shiraz and a light merlot, and white as well. If you offered white only I wouldn't drink wine. You should always try to choose a wine that compliments, but I think adding a nice merlot would not be wrong and would satisfy those red wine drinkers. Pinot is good but I perfer red and would choose a beer or tea over white wine.

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        churchill, I think you misunderstood. We are offering 1 white and 1 red. We've got the white picked out, but are having issues with the red.

        I'll talk to the bar manager about a pinot noir. Thanks all.

        1. re: wawajb

          I did, my apologies. I still like a nice Merlot, but I definitely have my favorites. Shiriaz, but remember it is not just for you guys, it is for everyone else. You could have a bottle just for you. I did at my wedding a particular one we enjoyed and had when we got engaged.
          But do what feels comfortable for you.

      2. A supple Pinot Noir is your safest bet.

        Picpoul de Pinet is an up-and-coming Languedoc AOC. The best are quite delicious: medium-bodied and crisp with pronounced mineral and lemon flavours.

        1. Yes - you could go with a Pinot Noir - either New World or France; yet there may be some other options (perhaps even the price) for a red such as:

          Dolcetto D'Alba from Italy
          A Portuguese Red from the Dão region

          Good luck and enjoy the day!

          1. I'd stay as far away from Shiraz as possible with that and pretty far away from Zin as well. I'd probably go Pinot Noir, but a good Beaujolais would also work.

            While it wouldn't work as well with the Tuna, a Barbera would be nice with the quail as well.