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Mar 18, 2009 10:55 AM

Dinner near Dana Point?

We're looking for someplace to have an early dinner near Dana Point next Saturday night. Moderate price range (we are okay with around $30/entree, but places like Stonehill Tavern and Studio are too expensive), casual attire must also be okay (we live in L.A. and will be down in Dana Point for whale we will throw better shoes in the car but clothes will be casual). Type of cuisine isn't that important, as long as it's good. A little further north, like Laguna, is fine too since we'll eventually be heading back to L.A., but we'd like to take the opportunity to sample what the area near Dana Point area has to offer since we rarely make it that far south.

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  1. You might check out Dizz As Is in South Laguna at Nyes Place (although no website, so google). It is family-owned for 30 years and a converted roadhouse from the 20's. Very eclectic decor. Dinners include vermouth, pate, salad or soup and entrees from around $16 to $40 tops. I've seen everything from jeans to gowns there attire-wise Food is kind of like what you would get if you went to a friend's house for dinner that was a good cook (we're not talking cutting-edge here) and some old-fashioned things like stuffed cornish hen, filet with crab legs, etc.

    1. A couple of suggestions..

      two good italian places -
      Brio -
      and Stellas -

      Also in the harbor there's -
      and Harbor Grill -

      I'd recommend all four for Dana Point in your price range.

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      1. Stonehill Tavern has a couple of entrees in your price range, and it's in a resort, so you can get away with more-casual -- but not sloppy -- dress than you might think. (I would check with them, however.) The menu with prices is at: I've been to this place five or six times and to Mina's other restaurants in Vegas and around California (but not yet XIV) dozens of times and have always thought they're great dining rooms with interesting and delicious food and very good service.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions, they all look great! I went ahead and made a reservation at Harbor Grill. We're looking forward to it.

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            Been going to Harbor Grill since around 1985, always good.
            Excellent Clam Chowder, Japanese Swordfish, Local Lobster, Amazing Hamburger at Lunch, Great fish overall mesquite grilled. Have fun!

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              Thanks so much for the specific recommendations!

          2. Just wanted to let you know that we went to Harbor Grill on Saturday evening and had a good experience. The Japanese marinated swordfish and the halibut were both excellent. The sides that came with the fish were rather bland, but that wasn't a big concern. We weren't crazy about the appetizer we shared, scallops that were completely overpowered by the citrus sauce they were in. We would definitely eat there again, we will just be sure to focus on their strengths (i.e., mesquite grilled fish, simply prepared).