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Need restaurants near the Javits Center

I know, super random area. But I need suggestions of delicious places near the Javits Center, which i think is north of the meatpacking?

Any and all suggestions are welcome!

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  1. It's not exactly a place for dining...walking/cabbing required. Is that ok?

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      it's for a fter a client event which is AT the Javits.... so a short walk would be okay. We want somewhere nice. Any ideas? Thanks.

    2. Being a bit more specific would be helpful, as well. What cuisines are you interested in? What day/tnight of the week is this for? Do you have a budget? Thanks.


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        All we care about is that it's nice (upscale) and good. Sorry, I live in LA : ) It's for a client event. Thank you!

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          No worries :)
          Agree with the other mentions of Esca, also:
          44 & X
          Keen's Chophouse (10/15 min walk)


      2. There is really very little in the immediate area--Javits is famous for being in the middle of nowhere. However Esca is on 43rd and 9th and is very good IMHO. About a ten min walk...

        1. There really isn't much in this area. Uncle Jack's Steakhouse is also about a 10 minute walk - but gets terrible reviews. Esca is very very good but is all sea food - so that may be a problem.

          I would look into a quick cab ride to Keens or Old Homestead, two of the better and older steakhouses in the city , both within 10 minutes of Javits by cab.

          Also make sure your restaurant is not attached to strip clubs in this area, Jonathon's or Robert's are two.

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            Uncle Jack's is good, Keene's is better,,, and Esca is walkable from Javitz. Meat Packing is too far to walk ,, Esca is about 5 blocks away I think

          2. Cookshop is within (semi-long) walking distance. I usually go there after the NY Auto Show.

            1. Forgot to mention Naima...27th btw 10 and 11. Good Italian, nice setting: http://www.menupages.com/restaurantde...


              1. Osteria Gelsi is a short walk from Javits, on the corner of 9th Av. & 38th St. The Italian cuisine, which focuses on the Puglia region, is delicious. You don't see timballos on many Italian menus in the city, and the one served at Gelsi is outstanding. Very good service and attractive surroundings.


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                  For a wonderful glimpse of Old New York, go to Manganaros Italian Grocery Store on 9th ave and have lunch there. Not the greatest Italian, but the ambiance (and the meatballs) are worthy.

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                    I am almost positive Osteria Gelsi is now "Il Punto". The website says its formerly known as Osteria Gelsi but it looks exactly the same just with a different name. I assume same owners, same food but I haven't tried yet.


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                      Thanks for bringing this to my attention, stephaniec25. Yes, there is no doubt that Gelsi is now Il Punto. An interesting thing I noticed when looking at the menus is that they are now serving the timaballo only at dinner. We had it at lunch.

                  2. grab a cab and go to keens. be sure to have a reservation to avoid disappointment. grab a drink at the bar before dining (you'll impress the clients).

                    1. I like the place call il punto near the javits center. It's right there near penn station and port authority and the theater district and time square west. However it's nicely removed from the brouhaha. What I like best at the place is the awesome food and incredible service. I was there last week when I was attending the convention. Everytime I am amazed. Thry the timballo it's awesome.

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                        Glad to hear you like Il Punto. Note that it was fka Osteria Gelsi, and the name change was mentioned upthread. It's located on the corner of 9th Av. & 38th St.