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Mar 18, 2009 10:02 AM

Jacquimos, Vincents Cafe Degas or Ciros Cote Sud

We are going out to celebrate a special b'day with the teenagers. We want a place that is fun, won't break the budget as my kids have expensive tastes and it must have good food.
We have narrowed the selection to the above 4 restaurants and are trying to select one. Anyone have some strong preferences or recommendations?

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  1. If the operative word is "fun," I'd go with Jacues Imo's. For awhile, the place was really hot, and I think it suffers a bit from foodie backlash. I would never confuse it with the best restaurants in town, but then again, that's not what you seem to be after. The food is certainly very good, and the atmosphere is fun and funky.

    As for the others, some love Vincent's; I think it is pretty good. But there's nothing about the place that brings me back.

    Degas is without question a better option for French than Cote Sud. I really want to love Cote Sud, but I was a bit disappointed my last time there. Also, Degas has the added advantage this time of year of their indoor/outdoor seating setup- always worth a visit in the spring and fall.

    In summary, based on your criteria:

    1. Jacques Imo's
    2. Degas
    3 Vincents
    4 Cote Sud

    Good luck!

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      Unfortunately I have been to Degas twice recently and the kitchen can't really seem to get it together - the first time there were several issues least of which was the lamb chops coming out well done as opposed to rare-same with the tuna nicose I chalked that up to the grill guy haveing a bad night

      but I tried again two weekends ago and besides the extremely long wait for our first course our entrees came out literally two bites after the apps-sucked! and it wasn't that cheap

      I say go to Jaque-i-mos it is fun and Kids would probable appreciate it more then your other options, and if you have a party of 6 or more they will take a reservation

    2. I'm perplexed at your choices. They seem to be all over the map. Is there a particular type of food you're looking for?

      1. Jacques, more for the fun than the food. How about Rambla for an assortment of quality tapas? A table filled with a variety of passing plates is always fun.

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        1. re: JazzyB

          Has anyone ever had the pizza at Cote Sud? I don't think of it as a pizza place but, it's really good.

        2. Thanks for all the input. We had a lovely time at Cafe Degas. I chose it mainly because the weather was perfect last night and I liked the wines I could get by the glass. We started with moules and pomme frites for the table, then the guys got the lamb and I chose the goat cheese salad with beets, walnuts and green apple slices. The lamb (an ideal medium rare ) was a bit strong flavored, but otherwise everything was delicious. We even saved some room for dessert and between us had three - creme brulee, dense choc. cake and the Lemon ice box pie. I strongly recommend Degas' lemon ice box pie, it was incredible.