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Mar 18, 2009 09:41 AM

A week in San Antonio by The River

We are staying in San Antonio for a week soon. In a large, ritzy hotel (we are not)
I really dislike spending $30 for breakfast, $40 for lunch and $90 for dinner in the hotel on in nearby must go tourist locations, which I assume is most of riverwalk. For instance Boudro's may be OK but too expensive, nothin' special and looks overpriced! Bottle of wine $50 two entrees $60 tax and tip$20 and now we're at $150
Would like any food for breakfast lunch dinner that is walkable (we can walk a ways) decent wine list (not overly marked-up) and casual. Etnic is great but it doesn't look like what we are after is close by, like family italian, greek, tex mex, real mex, barbque etc.
Can someone steer (haha) us please? Former posts (recent) will be fine. A little live music may be fun!

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  1. You're walking distance to the fringe of the King William neighborhood, where there is a place that I hawk a lot, Cascabel on N. St. Mary's. It's BYOB and is interior Mexican cuisine. Nothing more than $8 on the menu and they have a great patio. The cochinita pibil and the pozole could be had in a southern Mexican state. Great service, too. Probably a cab ride away is La Tuna, which is humble but flavorful food, with a cool outdoor tavern right-by-its side. You'll see it commended here by other folks, but Tre, on the pricey side, has a great lunch deal for $20. That's up Broadway, next to the Witte. I'm partial to the home-made linguini. The wine list is awesome, tho: Not a lot of markup on some pretty great Italian labels. It's all-Italian, I think. If it's survived this economic crunch (I haven't been by in several weeks), Sandbar is right downtown and is among the best non-coastal seafood restaurants I've been tol. Hell, it's one of the best seafood restaurants I've been to anywhere. Between the ceviches, the clam chowder and the key lime pie, my head spins a bit. You are right to stay away from any Riverwalk restaurant, by the way.

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      I want to thank you for Cascabel. Exactly the food I was expecting, and definitely FUNKY
      We went there with a twelve pack and gave a few bottles to the staff. The place was empty on a Wed nite. They did a total of six dinners
      The next night we went to Mirador and had a great time. Stephen the waiter was fantastic and the food was just fine.
      Thanks again

    2. Boudro's is actually great for lunch if you don't want to spend the money for supper.

      1. Stop by Blanco Cafe on N St Mary's for dirst cheap cheese enchiladas and chilaquiles tacos.

        Eat cheaply all week then blow a wad of cash in one place. Le Reve will set you back more than Boudro's, but it's well worth it. Its probably the best restaurant in Texas and one of the best French restaurants in the US. The price is lower than you'd pay for a similar experience in any other state.