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Mar 18, 2009 09:38 AM

Not too $$$ private dinner for 30?

I'm looking for suggestions for somewhere to have a private dinner party in Manhattan for approx 30 people. Nothing fancy or expensive. Just somewhere reasonable with pretty good food. Somewhere we can set a prix fixe menu pretty easily. No real neighborhood in mind, pretty open. Like to spend no more than $50 pp.

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  1. Try Crispo - it's around $50/person, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is great. Ask to be seated in the back room, where there is a huge long communal table near a wooden fire place. That might be able to seat around 30

    1. Otto does a good job with this. No private room though, do you need a private room or just an area that will fit your party?

        1. re: LeahBaila

          May 9th.
          I love Otto, I wonder if we would be to large a party though...

          1. re: jahg

            I've been to a party there for about 40 people so if there is availability it should work

            1. re: prdct

              great, thanks, I'll check it out