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Mar 18, 2009 09:29 AM

Fragole, any good?

How is this place? The few reviews I've read have all been favorable, and as a result it's aroused my curiosity a bit. I'm leaning towards a night out in Douglaston for osso bucco to be quite honest, but I can be persuaded to change plans if the menu is attractive enough. TIA.

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  1. Perfectly good, but not plan-changing good. I ended up here on valentines day and had a cheap, good bowl of pasta with some sort of ragu and we split a carafe of the house red. It was just what I wanted at the time, but I wouldn't go out of my way.

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      I agree with prdct. It's pretty good (love the polenta app) but more of a neighborhood place with solid, tasty food, not so much destination.

      1. re: malibu

        I like Fragole a lot and think the destination part has a bit to do with what you have already in your own neighborhood - for someone like myself who lives in Forest Hills, I am more than happy to travel to Fragole to have a great meal in a cozy, modern atmosphere that rivals the Italian restaurants that my neighborhood has which have no qualms about using pink napkins fanned out of drinking glasses.

    2. i actually do think fragole is really delicious. for classic hearty italian flavors, it is one of my faves not just in the neighborhood but in general. i dont think its worth a trip across the country, but across town - sure.

      1. In keeping with the other replies - I'm a fan too. Fragole is dependable for what it is. You are almost certain to be satisfied, and unlikely to be bowled over, time after time after time. At reasonable prices, there ain't nothing wrong with that.

        1. It's one of our neighborhood faves. Come on Tuesdays, when they have a half-price special on bottles of wine.