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Mar 18, 2009 08:41 AM

Brockton - specific area

Attending grand-daughther's gymnastics event this coming Saturday and do not know the area where the event is at all. Hoping someone can help me locate a restaurant near the event or off Rte 24 headed back toward Boston.

Event is at a building off W. Chestnut near something called Cirelli's Foods. Sounds like an industrial area. Taking Rte 123 off of Rte 24 to get to it.

Will be three adults and a 12 year old at about 7:oo pm.

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  1. I'm originally from West Bridgewater, not too far from where you are headed. But I haven't lived there in 25 years so I don't know the best spots for dining.

    However, there is one place that I know for a fact is still around and has been around forever. If you follow West Chestnut Street you can eventually work your way to Main Street, where you will find The Cape Cod Cafe - noted for its famous south shore bar pizza. It's an old spot, but they have a dining area suitable for families.

    Here is a link to their Web site, I set the directions page so you can see how to get there from West Chestnut.